A young lady has been captured on camera eating what appeared to be rats with great pleasure has caused a huge stir on social media.

In the video, the lady was carrying the stack of roasted rats on a skewer and was seen happily chewing the rats one at a time.

Internet users have responded to the video on social media, expressing their revulsion at what they see.


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In other news, a video has appeared online showing a lady expressing her disappointment in her boyfriend after selling his iPhone 7 for “wee” and lighter

The unidentified lady said in the leaked WhatsApp chat video that her boyfriend purchased a brand-new iPhone 7 and then immediately exchanged it for “wee” and lighter

The woman who expressed her displeasure with her boyfriend said she wasn’t sure what had driven him to act in that manner, but what really upset her were the photos she had on the phone, which her boyfriend had sold.

Internet users who responded to the video said that it was fiction and not true. Others think the boyfriend’s smoking addiction may be the cause.

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