Renowned Music Producer, Fred Kyei Mensah Supports Mr Muzic Mensah’s Decision To Leave Gospel Music

Renowned Music Producer, Fred Kyei Mensah Supports Mr Muzic Mensah's Decision To Leave Gospel Music

Ghanaian music producer Fred Kyei Mensah, better known as Fredyma, has backed gospel musician Mr Muzic Mensah in his decision to switch to secular music. 

This comes after the “Hero” singer stated emphatically that he had abandoned the gospel genre in favour of secular music due to a lack of support from the media and industry gatekeepers despite his hard work. 

However, a renowned music producer, Fred Kyei Mensah is the most latest to offer his support, revealing what genre Mr Muzic Mensah was into before breaking into the mainstream as a gospel musician.

According to him, Mr Mensah’s talent and delivery on high-life songs are unmatched, and he should focus on the genre to catapult his career and sustainability rather than doing gospel music. 

The CEO of Fredyma also stated that he is delighted to welcome the singer back as a high-life musician.


He said below :


Muzic Mensah is a musician whose umbilical cord in the creative industry, was cut at Fredyma Studios some 25 years ago. He came in as a hilife artiste then and i produced hilife rhythms for him.

He sojourn to the USA only to come back as a “gospel” artiste. When we met at the studios of Power fm last year when he was promoting his single, i was surprised at his sudden switch from the hilife genre.

After listening to his music, i advised him to maintain his hilife status since his compositions though had an element of inspirational songs, it wasn’t gospel per say. He told me he will consider it.

Today, he’s made a “U turn” to concentrate on the hilife and Afrobeats genre. Gospel music or a Gospel artiste, must thrive on a certain pedestal. Good soothing voice and melodious tunes, are some of the ingredients required of a good gospel artiste and listening then, he wasn’t cut for that space.

Mix Masta Jhay, the producer for Music Mensah, let’s welcome your artiste and our brother back to where he belonged. He will make a great impact here. Good beads don’t rattle.


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