Samuel Eto ‘o has been announced as the President Elect of Cameroun Football Federation FECAFOOT on December 11, 2021

The former Barcelona player initially filed for the presidency, but it was handed to someone else, and he was forced to withdraw due to his lack of support. 

Photo of Samuel Eto’o

He was not wanted by the sports authorities, who chose someone else to represent the FECAFOOT office. 

Despite the fact that the 40-year-old was not the selected candidate to lead FECAFOOT, he filed for president again this year on March 17, 2021. 

His reaction at the FECAFOOT headquarters when he was named President-elect, on the other hand, was priceless.

“PRESIDENT OF FECAFOOT 🇨🇲 I’ll be remembering today as one of the proudest moments of my life. I’m deeply grateful to be elected as the new president of @fecafootofficiel. Every single vote represents the energy and ambition of our football family to take our beloved sport to a level we’ve never seen before. Let’s get to work 💪🏿 – he said


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