Sarkodie Hits One Million Subscribers On YouTube – First Ghanaian artist to ever do it?

Sarkodie Hits One Million Subscribers On YouTube
Sarkodie Hits One Million Subscribers On YouTube

Sarkodie has hit one million YouTube subscribers after 11 years of joining the video streaming and content sharing platform.

On Thursday, July 13, 2023, the BET award-winning rapper set a new record by being the first Ghanaian artist to have 1 million subscribers on the App.

Fans of Sarkodie, including music lovers, took to social media to congratulate him on his new musical career success.

Sarkodie Hits One Million Subscribers On YouTube


Ghanaian legendary rapper Sarkodie has achieved another milestone in his musical career as he hit an impressive 300 million streams on YouTube.

The new feat was accomplished in less 24 hours after he celebrated his 34th birthday on Monday, July, 10, 2023.

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While celebrating his special day, Sarkodie was spotted in New York, USA , enjoying quality time amidst his recent issue with actress Yvonne Nelson, highlighting the rapper’s ability to prioritize personal happiness despite challenges.

Many well-wishers took to social media hashtag #SarkodieDay to extended their greetings to the iconic rapper, acknowledging his massive contributions to the music industry and his dedication to raise Ghana flag high on the global stage throughout his career.

However, Sarkodie’s latest achievements of garnering 300 million streams on YouTube serves as how his relentless pursuit of excellence and his commitment to making Ghana proud since his debut in the Country industry back in 2010.

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