Shatta Wale Claims That Bulldog Has Never Been His Manager (VIDEO)

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Shatta Wale and Bulldog’s feud appears to be far from over, as the African dancehall king has vehemently maintained that Bull has never been his manager. 

You may recall that Shatta Wale engaged in a social media fight with his alleged former manager Bull earlier this month, declaring to his fans that no one should insult Bulldog regardless because he is a part of the Shatta Movement Empire journey even though they are no longer working together.

However, in a fresh posts sighted by hellovybes indicates that Shatta Wale claiming Bulldog wasn’t part of his success and Shatta Movement as he first said in aforementioned Statement.

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The On God crooner stated in a series of posts on his social media page calmed Bulldog is being ungrateful and stop jealousy as he keeps doing interviews to throw more fuel to the fire and letting people know that he is no longer working with him when there is no problem between them.

“This was quiet , but u granted an interview to let them know you not working with me whilst we didn’t even have a problem, now u have made it a problem so carry your own bucket !!! Am tired of this your nonesense BULL DOG !!! 

Now that I am talking ,the foolish minds will come with their English to show me they get sense .. YOU NO GO FIT SHOW ME NOTHING !! #CASHOUT

“Bull Dog grow up ,the interviews about me be too much . What do you want to prove …Nothing !!! So shut the fuck up before I start talking please !!  You know I can talk and you can’t stop me so behave yourself before I loose it !!!

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“Your talks won’t make you rich Is your mindset that will Coming to shatta movement is a school .. If you fail you fail .. Stop the jealous talks Madam Bull Dog

Shatta Wale also stated in another post that Bull should stop lying to the public he managed him or played a role in his success. According to Shatta he has been his own boss since the inception of the Shatta Movement Empire and that no one has been his manager, including Bulldog himself, whom he claimed some time ago that he is still boss even though they are no longer working together.

“I was my own manager and CEO of shatta movement Till today Stop lying to people you managed me I employed you and was paying you #differentartiste

However, an angry Shatta Wale on live video with his father “Shatta Capo” exposing Bulldog calmed that, Bulldog was “drawing a fish” at the conference meeting when the African Dancehall King bagged a new ambassadorial deal sometime back. 

After hanging up with his father, the On God crooner continued by stating that his father does not like of his former manager’s job and has been moaning about why Shatta Wale always bothered himself with him.



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