Shatta Wale Ordered To Pay $120,000 Plus Other Damages to Wildaland Festival Organizers

Shatta Wale Ordered To Pay $120,00 Plus Other Damages to Wildaland Festival Organizers

Shatta Wale has been ordered by the court to repay $120,000 plus $10,000 in interest to the the Wildaland Festival organizers for failing to fulfill his performance commitment, despite having been fully paid in December 2021.

The order was via substitute service which mandates the dancehall Artist to pay $120k and other damages, according to report by NYDLive on November 9.

Back in 2021, Shatta Wale, known for his smash hit song “Incoming,” was scheduled to perform at the Wildaland Festival in Ghana but failed to appear despite having received the full $120,000 payment.

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The festival organizers, Maverick City Entertainment took legal action, resulting in the recent court order for him to refund the money along with interest and damages.

In January 2022, Baba Sadiq, the former CEO of 3Music, publicly criticized Shatta Wale for not honoring their agreement to perform at the Wildaland Festival, even though he had received the agreed-upon fee before the event held at Shai Hills.

Sadiq highlighted the organizational challenges within the Ghanaian music industry in a social media post, also sharing a similar incident involving King Promise and his team, who also did not show up at the event.

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Sadiq wrote “Facts. If you like play 100% Ghanaian music and bill only Ghanaian talents (a major one didn’t show up after being fully paid recently, but make we take wanna refunds first, I will address it properly later) Many if not most Ghanaian talents will blame everybody else but themselves and their lack of proper team structures, for their lack of progress or stunted growth.

He added that “If every proper industry person will speak, devoid of the emotional nationalism and highlight the often raw treatment, non-support (Ofcourse for them support your own is only when you support them alone) and the abuse we receive from some of them (the thing King Promise and e team take do me ehn, I doubt if I can ever overcome it) all their talk about market protection will only amount to selfish interests and nothing about enabling industry”.

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“Until they all begin to value everybody else in the chain, all of this emotional nationalism rants without any real and genuine intentions and strategies to enable industry won’t amount to anything. They know the truth and they know that which are gimmicks. Happy new year guys, hope we all strive to do better, value everybody in the value chain and enable each other. That’s how to grow and not be worried about the impressive activities of your neighbours”—He concluded.

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Meanwhile, Shatta Wale has yet to respond to the news that Wildaland Festival organizers has sued him for breach of contract, leading the court to order him to pay them the aforementioned amount.


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