Shot Fired: Stop Being Bitter – Bulldog Cautions Shatta Wale Over Burna Boy And DJ Khaled Meeting

Artist Manager, Bulldog has slammed Shatta Wale following  Burna Boy and DJ Khaled's meeting that got netizens on October 12, 2022

Artist Manager, Bulldog has slammed Shatta Wale following  Burna Boy and DJ Khaled’s meeting that got netizens on October 12, 2022

After videos and photos of Burna Boy and DJ Khaled surfaced on the internet, the CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment took to social media to criticize Shatta Wale, telling him to learn how to be happy for other people. 

Bulldog and Shatta Wale have been trading jabs since last week, when Bulldog stated emphatically that Black Sherif’s album “The Villain I Never Was” will be better than Shatta Wale’s Gift of God.

Shatta Wale, the African dancehall king, also fired back against Bulldog, claiming that even if Black Sherif’s album is better than his, it will still win Ghana and Africa. Despite the fact that he continued to drag and took his former Manager to Gutters. 

Bulldog, on the other hand, has cautioned Shatta Wale following their beef, advising him to learn how to genuinely be happy for others and not be bitter because of their success regardless. 

According to Bull, Shatta Wale’s money cannot do or provide all of the necessary plug-ins for his album to succeed in the same way that Burna Boy’s pedigree can, but he should learn how to ask people so that they can show him the way to the top rather than his I know, I know attitude. 

He went further that Shatta Wale is blessed, but he should humble himself and be content so that a lot of people will follow him in his life endeavor.

In other news, Bulldog has said that Black Sherif’s album will perform better than Shatta Wale’s album. He stated this in an interview in which he reaffirmed that Blacko’s upcoming album The Villain I New Was will be globally accepted and perform very well due to the rapper’s backbone and good team.

According to Bull, Black Sherif being pushed and backed by Empire Entertainment will accelerate his career and work because of the record label’s capabilities.

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