A sheep has been sentenced to three years in prison for killing a woman in South Sudan.

According to the court, the ram was arrested instead of the owner for fatally headbutting a woman, and because the owner is innocent, he should provide five cows instead.

After serving its jail sentence in military camp, the ram will be returned to the victim’s family as recompense according to customary laws.

Sheep are ruminant mammals that are usually kept as livestock. Although the name sheep can refer to different species in the genus Ovis, it is generally always used to refer to domestic sheep in common speech. 

Sheep, like all ruminants, belong to the Artiodactyla order of even-toed ungulates.

Sheep are docile creatures and one of the most popular animals in the world because of their submissive nature.

They are usually peaceful and gentle, keeping their distance from the rest of the world. In a herd, all of the sheep tend to respect and listen to their leaders.

SOURCE: hellovybes.com

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