North Korea is reportedly to have taking extremely measures to punish people who distribute or watch Netflix’s hit show ‘Squid Game’.

A man has been sentenced to death in the country, according to Radio Free Asia, for smuggling and selling copies of a South Korean dystopian series. A high school student was also sentenced to life in jail for purchasing the show on a flash drive. 

Six other high school students who viewed the show were sentenced to five years in prison, with their supervisors, teachers, and school officials being fired.

“It all started last week when a high school student bought a USB flash drive carrying the South Korean drama Squid Game in secret and viewed it in class with one of his best friends,” a law enforcement source in North Hamgyong province told RFA. “The friend told few other other students about the flash drive, and they were fascinated, so they shared it with them.” 

This is said to be the first time the reclusive country has taken such punitive actions against youngsters as a result of its regulations prohibiting the distribution of films from South Korea and the United States, among other countries.

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