Zion Felix has responded to Patapaa over an alleged dating rumor claims with his wife, telling him to stop disgracing his wife.

In the most basic bisection of the beef, it started when blogger Zion Felix was spotted chilling with Patapaa’s wife in Germany for an interview in which it was claimed that the “one corner” hitmaker and his wife Liha Miller were experiencing marriage issues.

Patapaa, who has previously denied that he and his wife are divorced, continues to claim that blogger Zion is having an affair with his wife, Liha Miller. The Swedru-born singer went on to call Zion a womanizer who arouses women whenever he has the opportunity. 

This prompted Zion to give his side of the story, cautioning Patapaa to refrain from making such an allegation against him because he and his (Patapaa) wife are not having an affair.

In response to Patapaa’s accusations, Zion stated that he is clean and has no intimate relationship with Liha, and that Patapaa should stop talking about him and accusing him in this manner.

He further claimed that Patapaa is defaming his wife, and that because this is a family affair, he doesn’t need to address the issue in public.


SOURCE: hellovybes

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