• Ghanaian-born rapper based in the United Kingdom, Stormzy has added another triumph to his long list of achievements by receiving an honorary doctorate from the esteemed University of Exeter.

The grime superstar received the honor in recognition of “his outstanding achievements in the field of higher education, philanthropy, and widening participation” on Tuesday June, 21, 2022.

A photo of Stormzy at University of Exeter Graduation

The rapper, whose real name is Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr setup Merk Foundation to provide Scholarships for black students at University of Cambridge last year in a bid to address low number of students who attend Oxbridge institutions.

During his graduation speech Stormzy said: “I feel extremely blessed and grateful to be up here receiving this honorary degree.

“The journey I took to get to this moment has been considerably different to you guys, you guys had the guts, the grit and the determination that it takes to study for years and finish a degree. Whereas I got my AS results in the first year of college and ‘said see ya later”

“A year later I took another swing at my A-level at a different college until I sat down for my first English exam in January and walked out after 10 minutes.

“It took a hell of a lot for you guys to get here today, your journeys to get to this moment were hard-fought, the road you took was not easy, and this is coming from someone who tried to walk that exact same road and failed.

“So, from the bottom of my heart I say congratulations, well done, you should all be so proud of yourselves, what you have achieved is incredible, don’t let anybody downplay it, don’t let anybody undermine it.

“If you’re sat in this room today, you’re worthy and you’re brilliant.”

The new philanthropist, went further stating that he couldn’t end his speech without a “shout-out” to his mother, who was in the audience.

SOURCE : hellovybes

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