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A video has surfaced online showing a Prophetess identified as Ama Dora Ibrahim claiming Jesus Christ was a trotro mate.

In an interview on Obibini Tv the prophetess stated emphatically that Jesus was once a Trotro conductor, collecting fares, manage the opening and assist passengers in private owned vehicle.

According to her, Jesus began hustling when he was 12 years old and even had an affair with Mary Magdalene, his fiancée, as some preachers refuse to tell the truth.

She went further claiming that if you’re ordained by the Holy Spirit, you’ll be able to perceive all the hidden truths in the Bible, including some that have been eliminated.



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The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Harriet Thompson, has expressed surprise at the Inspector General of Police’s (IGP) response to a tweet she sent about Oliver Barker-Vormawor. 

She claimed that the tweet, which was in response to the “Fix The Country” convener’s recent arrest, was harmless, and that the response surprised her.

Ambassador Thompson in an interview on GhOne stated that, she didn’t mean to incite  Ghanaians with the tweet.

“That was not the intention, and my experience, Ghana is peace loving nation where people have the right to express themselves, they do have the right to come out to protest against things that matter to them. 

“A tweet like that will not get Ghanaians on the street in my view. It looks like my tweet wasn’t received as it was intended. I didn’t expect a response from the IGP at all.”

“If I was told there are chances like that I will not be tweeting like that that’s clearly not my intention but I haven’t seen anything like that for the time I’ve been here that will suggest his response”.

the Inspector General of Police in a stern statement, claimed the High Commissioner’s tweet amounted to intervention in Ghana’s internal security concerns.

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Popular Ghanaian fetish priest, Kwaku Bonsam has told His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo that he will go to hell for lying to Ghanaians. 

According to Kwaku Bonsam, Akufo Addo promised Ghanaians favorable living conditions prior to the 2016 and 2020 general elections, but his policies have proven otherwise in recent months, as Ghanaians continue to complain about hardship.

He stated that Akufo Addo will go to hell because the Bible clearly indicates that everyone who tells lies will be cast into the lake of fire. 

While working as a host on Angel FM in Accra, Nana Kwaku Bonsam observed that President Nana Akufo Addo had disappointed Ghanaians by referring to previous President John Mahama as a robber and tricking Ghanaians into voting for him to improve their lives.

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Ghanaian fast rising artist Black Sherif is set to release another banger song after releasing his smash hit song Kwaku The Traveller,

In the video, Blacko Was Spotted in the studio giving fans a Snippet of an unreleased song

However Shatta Wale is ready to “Knock Out” people with back-to-back hit songs. He previewed this song to fans with caption “knockout”

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A video has leaked online showing a woman identified as Amina detailing how a Fetish priest (Mallam) had s*xual intercourse with her in order to solve her ailment. 

According to Amina, she just went to the fetish priest for spiritual healing and other family issues, but she ended up sleeping with him. 

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Amina described her horror in the Akoma Fm studios, saying the Mallam advised her to bend down in a d*ggy-style position, which started the healing process, only for her to realize the Fetish had entered her Veejay. 

“I told him to stop “penetrating in me” the moment I saw him doing it, but he lied and forced me to have s*x with him,” she stated.

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The true purpose of this content is to raise awareness among our fellow sisters and brothers in this country to be wary of not only Fetish Priests, but also Pastors, Teachers, and others who pose as innocent people in our societies.

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A video has leaked online showing a cheated husband and wife beating slay Queen on live tv.

In the video, the wife is furious with the Slay Queen for manipulating her loving husband to cheat on her and she (the slay queen) even summoned her (the wife) to answer questions about a curse placed on her (slay queen).

In the Slay Queen’s narration, her Veejay is sweeter than the wife’s, that is why the husband cheated, and she (the wife) should hold the unfaithful husband responsible for his actions.

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She was also asked if the husband proposed or if she proposed to the husband; in her response to the husband, she (the slay queen) slapped the man in the face, causing both the husband and wife to beat her in the studio. 

Watch the video below

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Everyone aspires to die naturally and be buried with his or her good acts. 

We chanced on a sad video of a man being buried at a cemetery with bottles of beer drinks. 

In the video, the man’s friends and loved ones can be seen pouring beers on him, paying him last respects at the cemetery before closing the coffin. 

Reports says, the man was suspected of consuming excessive amounts of alcohol during his youth.

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The aim of giving content on our page is to educate and remember our other brothers and sisters, family, and loved ones in whatever we do. Let us all pray and avoid anything negative in our lives before we die, so that our final hours will be so beautiful and a blessing to all of us.

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We’ve chanced on a video on social media that has gone viral, showing that the bride and groom were distracted as they were ready to kiss each other at their wedding ceremony. 

In the video, the wedding officiant was going to conclude the ceremony, as is usual at weddings, by saying, “You may your bride.” 

The hilarious moment captured in the video is when wedding officiant telling the bride and groom to kiss each other at the end of the event.

The groom was dressed in all-blue-suit with tie looking stylish with nice haircut while gazing into the bride’s eyes.

The bride, on the other hand, was dressed in a white gown and looked stunning with her makeup.

As soon as the wedding officiant said, “You May Kiss Your Bride,” the wedding guests were excited and happy to see the newlyweds’ amazing side at the wedding ceremony.

The groom could be seen moving steadily, positioning himself and grasping the bride’s neck to kiss her. Unfortunately, an unknown wedding guest poured a whitish-foam material on both of their faces to prevent them from kissing.

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What would you do if this happens on your wedding day . Kindly share your candid opinion with us in the comment section below

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A video has surfaced online indicating that, Asantehene, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II, is being triggered at a gathering, trying to settle a dispute.

He was seen in the video looking enraged, and in the heat of the moment, he reminded everyone present that he controls more than 66 paramount chiefs. 

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When a Northener misbehaved directly in front of him, he let it be known, and from what we witnessed, he was not taking things lightly.

Some part of his reads ; “If Yaa Na is sitting in front you, you cannot do that, so don’t do that in front me”

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The Asantehene expressed his dissatisfaction with Kumasi’s recent power disruptions a few weeks ago. 

The Ashanti Kingdom’s overlord indicated in a recent submission that periodic power shortages have damaged most of his electrical appliances. 

“I’ve been suffering power interruptions recently,” Otumfuo Osei Tutu II claimed in his submission. The light flashes on and off without warning. Because of the outages, all of my appliances have been damaged.

During a courtesy visit to the Manhyia Palace, the renowned monarch made this submission while speaking with the Minister of Energy, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, who is also a member of Parliament for Manhyia South.

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Reggae Musician and Radio Presenter, Abubakar Ahmed, popularly known as Blakk Rasta has stated that the electronic Levy is a cheap way of enslaving Ghanaians.

Blakk Rasta speaking on GTV Breakfast Show stated that, the government should find inventive ways to tax individuals rather than imposing the levy.

“It is a terrible act, E-Levy is a cheap way of enslaving Ghanaians. We already have taxes, and find other creative ways of taxing people” he said.

A photo of Blakk Rasta at Zylofon Media

The Musician is also not happy that road tolls were scrapped.

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“All of a sudden road tolls are gone, because everyone uses mobile phones right now, you see the people providing us services are charging us, and you (government) come providing us with no service at all, you want to charge me on top”.

Blakk Rasta further indicated that the E-levy has other intentions. ”For me it is not a good thing”

He added that he does not get tired of criticizing politicians and if he does his sons will not forgive him”.

“Eii no, get tired ? My sons will beat me up in the next 40, 50 years, they will call me weakling, they will call me father who was a sell-out”.

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Without a doubt , African Magic is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. It has the potential to make the impossible achievable without the need of enchantment or a laborious process. 

What we see in local movies isn’t a joke it’s something that exists and that happens, but only those with the potential to make it manifest will be able to do so.

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A shocking video sighted by hellovybes on longlondeblogger on instagram, a brave man believed to be from East Africa managed to put Cobra to sleep after laying his hands on it.

After that, he placed the snake in a suck bag. It appears that he intends to utilize it for rituals.

Watch the video below


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  • Two beautiful lovers in Axim have surprised onlookers at their wedding venue when they arrived on a pragya (motorcycle) 
  • They were seen rocking to Kofi Kinaata’s (Thy Grace) song upon their arrival, which happens to be one of their favorites. 
  • This has generated a lot of talk on social media, especially when the groom and his bride appeared at their wedding reception with pragya in their wedding costumes. 

A viral video has shown a groom and his bride arrived in Pragia in the hopes of surprising wedding guests at their wedding avenue.

What made the event more hilarious was when both couples were seen arriving at the wedding ceremony dressed in all white and joyously jamming to Kofi Kinaata’s song (thy grace), which reveals the rationale behind Pragia. 

The only thing that matters, according to netizens who reacted to their viral video, is that they love each other. That is how “marriage” was explained. 

They were greeted and escorted by a large crowd on a street, both waving white handkerchiefs to solicit applause from onlookers.

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This content in particular to raise awareness among some of the ladies who desire a polished marriage in the eyes of others, but who would suffer as a result of their marriage.

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25-year-old woman, Abigail, divorced her husband, Moris, over small manhood in Zambia,

According to the report, the couple had only been married for 11 months before they divorced owing to childbearing and the fact that her husband, Moris, has the manhood of a six-year-old boy and thus cannot satisfy her in any way.

Abigail filed for divorce from her husband, claiming that in the 11 months they’ve been together, he’s only laid with her 5 times due to lack of sexual strength.

Narrating her ordeal, Abigail accused her husband for angering her even more when he chose his best friend (a teacher by profession) to have sex with her so that the newly married couple could have a child, which she refused.

“My husband Moris has a small manhood (size of her last small finger) which ejects on its own less than a minute of sexual intercourse” — She said.

When asked by the court if what his wife was claiming was true, Moris confessed it but blamed his predicament on the relatives of the other girl he intended to marry at the time.

“Yes your honour, I have been failing to sleep with my wife due to my small manhood. It became small and short the day after our wedding.

“My first fiance’s relatives bewitched me”, he said as he struggled to control his tears in court — he said

He was once again questioned about why he wanted his wife to sleep with his best friend in order to conceive a child. Mr Moris stated that he did so because he wanted his wife to be happy, as he had been unable to satisfy her in bed since April 2020 due to manhood problems.

The couple was granted divorce by the court, but the woman refused to take anything he purchased her, including a car, a laptop, and two phones.

She even handed over the papers to the property he had purchased for her mother.

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Woman divorces husband over small manhood, returns all his properties

Ghanaian TikTok sensation Martha Dwamena popularly known as Asantewaa has finally posed with her husband in a new video

Asantewaa took her official Instagram handle to share a video of herself and her husband as they set to celebrate their wedding anniversary. 

The young actress and her manager Cassious couldn’t stand the heat of netizens after receiving heavy insults amidst dating rumors.

In the video, Asantewaa was seen smiling happily and resting on her black handsome husband’s right shoulder while gazing him in the eyes, indicating that she is deeply in love and enjoys a happy marriage.

Mr. Obiri, her husband, was also spotted looking relaxed as he posed with a smiling face expression. 

In the post, Asantewaa expresses her appreciation to her husband for changing her life and making the world a better place.

“I can’t imagine how my world would seem without you Mr. Obiri — she said

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Meanwhile, her manger Cassious was dragged after reacted to Asantewaa’s post wishing them a happy marriage

cassious1 Happy anniversary blood 

Below are some of reactions to Asantewaa’s post

trendy_sky03 Happy Anniversary to you ❤️❤️❤️

siscaforever Your husband is a noble man 

bherrie_xx Atanfo bek) low battery 😍😍

rubby_yeaboah 😂😂😂 to whom it may concern 

la___petrona Wow time flies! Congrats to the power couple 💗

daakye_hemaa1 You people have given the lady pressure saaa to post husband. S3 Asa ? 🙄.. Ah moha Adwen koraa dodo

kiki5 Asantewaa and husband love

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After years of feuding and claiming spiritual supremacy, Reverend Issac Owusu-Bempah and his rival Prophet Nigel Gaisie have finally smoked the peace pipe. 

The two have been spotted together in one photo as they have now casted aside all ill blood between them. 

Every year, Propheic Hill Ministry founder Nigel Gasie and Glorious Word Power Ministries  CEO Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah have been at war over their prophecies and who should be called the “Nation Prophect,” as well as their political ties.

One of Ghana’s most powerful men of God, Owusu Bempah, is well-known for his prophecies about the NPP, and he even foretold that the party will win this year’s election, which they won.

Nigel Gaise, on the other hand, is recognized for his foresight, particularly when it comes to the NDC and Mahama’s crucifixion of the final result with the NPP this year 2021 election.

Though they are yet to reveal their political affiliations, one can deduce which represents Party A and which represents Party B based on their previous prophecies and revelations. 

A post sighted by hellovybes.com on Nigel’s official Facebook handle indicates that, the two has finally sorted out their differences as he shared a photo of himself and his colleague Rev. Owusu-Bempah with caption “Guess What We Were **TALKINGABOUT**??.God bless you,Dr.Dr.Isaac Owusu Bempah!!!The best is yet to come…PNG”.

See his post below

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