Teacher Brings Big Live Cow In Classroom To Teach Pupils About It Parts (WATCH)

Teacher Brings Big Live Cow In Classroom To Teach Pupils About It Parts (WATCH)
Teacher Brings Cow In Classroom For Practicals

A video of a dramatic practical lesson in the classroom has gone viral on the internet, eliciting hilarious reactions.

The video which posted online was captioned : “The twerking and whistling government is very proud that they have invested in education and pupils can practically learn parts of a cow,”

In the video, it could be seen that the pupils were excited to see the white animal in their midst, and they could be heard mentioning the parts with the help of their equally excited teacher.

“Eyes, nose, ears, mouth, legs, skin, tail and horns,” the kids are heard saying after their teacher. What the video below and keep scrolling :

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