The Wives Of Alhaji Asuma Banda Fights Over Riches As He Battles Life

The Wives Of Alhaji Asuma Banda Fights Over Riches As He Battles Life

The wives of Billionaire Alhaji Asoma Banda are fighting over who cares the ailing rich man after hospitalized for years.

The CEO of the Anthrak Group of Companies has been admitted to the hospital due to illness which maybe discharge but his wives are are fighting who would care for the ailing rich man after the court order.

The battle of custody, between the business magnate’s first and second wife named Cassandra Aisha and Edwina Baaba Coussey Banda, has had a toll on his condition.

Instead of them (wives) to look for solutions when (Asuma Banda) discharging they seems to be a struggling over who should cater for him.


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However, from the conversation in the video, the footages were recorded by one of the sons of Alhaji Banda and his first wife.

The man recording the video asked his father to show his hands while claiming that Baaba had been signing cheques and other documents in his name.

Later, a group of men in army uniform entered the hospital ward to take away Alhaji Banda with protests from his son and first wife.

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