The wild desire for many especially young, desperate men to move beyond the shores of their country of origin to other countries to seek for greener pastures is one daring challenge any can think of. 

The desperation forces many to go through many unconventional means, thus travel by sea or deserts despite the extreme dangers associated with it. 

Traveling from Niger to Libya by road is very dangerous journey especially when passing through the Sahara Desert to Europe.

Many migrants have lost their lives through  starvation, rape, murder and sometimes boat capsizing due to overcrowded when crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy.

The untold and told harrowing stories of survivors doesn’t seem to deter many of these young lads from embarking such on dangerous adventures.

A very sad worrying video has surfaced online which caught our attention as young man identified as “Biggie” have lost his life through Libya to Italy journey

In the video, Biggie was seen dead on the desert leaving his friends whom he was traveling with in sad mood .

They paid last respect to him, and buried him at a spot

SWIPE & Watch the video below via hellovybes Instagram

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