This Is Why Tanzania Has Cancelled Independence Day Celebrations

This Is Why Tanzania Has Cancelled Independence Day Celebrations

Hundreds of Tanzanian children with special needs are scheduled to enroll in boarding schools after the government reallocated funds intended for independence day celebrations to build dormitories. 

The $445,000 (£364,000) budgeted for Friday’s 61st Independence Day celebrations will now be used to improve schools.

The country’s first female president, Samia Suluhu Hassan, directed that the Independence Day celebration events’ budget of $445,000 be used to build eight dormitories for children with special needs in primary schools around the country and also to help learners of whom walk everyday between 5km and 10km (3-5 miles) to school.

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The government also added the move was aimed at improving the learning environment for children with special needs.

Tanzania’s minister of state, George Simbachawene, said on Monday that the money had been disbursed. He stated that the East African country will commemorate Independence Day by having public development dialogues. 

Typically, Independence Day celebrations include pomp and state banquets. However, this is not the first time Tanzania has canceled the celebrations. 

In 2015, then-President John Magufuli cancelled the celebrations and diverted funds to the construction of a road in Dar es Salaam, the commercial capital.

He did the same in 2020, requesting that the budget be utilized to purchase medical facilities.

Meanwhile, Tanzania celebrates Independence Day on December 9 every year. The day commemorates the end of British sovereignty in Tanganyika in 1961. Vasco Da Gamar was the first European to visit Tanzania in 1498.


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