The Canada based Ghanaian who was Sт@bbed to dęath by his girlfriend on his return to Ghana is reportedly a married man with kids.

While on vacation in Ghana, he was staying with his wife and children while continuing to see his girlfriend Safina Diamond at the same time.

A social media user identified as (Sweet magnolia) who appears to be familiar about the accused and the deceased claims that they were once together and are still having an affair.

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The social media user went further to debunk the story of how Safina killed the married Canadian man and concealed his body under a car.

“Sir please add the full story, the lady is his ex whom he’s still seeing on the side. Man is married with kids, went out with his family on Friday and put them in an Uber to go home and went to his side piece and she killed him and shoved him under a car to hide his body” – Sweet Magnolia said on tweeter

On the day of the  of his demise, he went out with his family but decided to put them in an Uber to go home only for him to move straight to his chick side, Safina Diamond.

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Unfortunately for him, that would be his last day on earth as he met his untimely death in the hands of his side chick Safina Diamond.

Canadian Borga & Girlfriend Safina Diamond

The Safina Diamond later claimed that she st@bbed him out of self-defense, but she hasn’t explained why she chose to conceal his body.

She was brought before the court for trial in the Adenta Court Complex in Accra on Friday, July 29, 2020


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