Why I Was Sacked By Shatta Wale – Kush Taylor Breaks Silence Over His Fallout With Shatta

Why I Was Sacked By Shatta Wale - Kush Taylor Breaks Silence Over His Fallout With Shatta

Kush Taylor, who recently reunited with Shatta Wale, has broken his silence on why he was sacked from the Shatta Movement camp.

This reconciliation comes after Shatta Wale and the now-SM member smoked the peace pipe, resolving their fallout from back in 2017.

Initially, it was reported that Kush Taylor was fired by Shatta Wale in a fit of anger, triggered by his act of gifting a fan named Sekley Moses a car.

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This incident had apparently caused tensions between Kush Taylor and the reggae-dancehall musician as the SM ally constantly venting his displeasure with the “On God” singer.

However, Kush Taylor queried a post from Ara-B, a supposed SM Militant, where the emphasis  was on fans trying to prove who loves Shatta Wale the most.


“Exactly what DreamLine was doing.. he will meet Wale and tell him pleeenty things about me, not knowing he wanted to be an SM soldier. DreamLine ooh, the same person who was always saying evil things about Wale when it all started years ago.. cause of hunger he said he be SM soldier now..”

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In response to the post, flocked by hellovybes in the comment section, Kush Taylor explained the true reasons behind his dismissal by Shatta Wale.

Below are his words:

Oscar Saha Bia Brown, u know how it all started?… after Wale got to the top some of us started to work for RudeBwoy ranking “God Rest His Soul” to also get to the top so there was a day I saw DreamLine at circle and I just shouted RM Bard.. u know that same evening Wale called me saying he’s heard I left him and following rudebwoy now and was it true or not?. This is when the whole issue between me and Wale started.. Someday I’ll come live on fb and say a lot of things baba.. I swear”

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