25-year-old woman, Abigail, divorced her husband, Moris, over small manhood in Zambia,

According to the report, the couple had only been married for 11 months before they divorced owing to childbearing and the fact that her husband, Moris, has the manhood of a six-year-old boy and thus cannot satisfy her in any way.

Abigail filed for divorce from her husband, claiming that in the 11 months they’ve been together, he’s only laid with her 5 times due to lack of sexual strength.

Narrating her ordeal, Abigail accused her husband for angering her even more when he chose his best friend (a teacher by profession) to have sex with her so that the newly married couple could have a child, which she refused.

“My husband Moris has a small manhood (size of her last small finger) which ejects on its own less than a minute of sexual intercourse” — She said.

When asked by the court if what his wife was claiming was true, Moris confessed it but blamed his predicament on the relatives of the other girl he intended to marry at the time.

“Yes your honour, I have been failing to sleep with my wife due to my small manhood. It became small and short the day after our wedding.

“My first fiance’s relatives bewitched me”, he said as he struggled to control his tears in court — he said

He was once again questioned about why he wanted his wife to sleep with his best friend in order to conceive a child. Mr Moris stated that he did so because he wanted his wife to be happy, as he had been unable to satisfy her in bed since April 2020 due to manhood problems.

The couple was granted divorce by the court, but the woman refused to take anything he purchased her, including a car, a laptop, and two phones.

She even handed over the papers to the property he had purchased for her mother.

SOURCE; hellovybes

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