A video has leaked online showing a woman identified as Amina detailing how a Fetish priest (Mallam) had s*xual intercourse with her in order to solve her ailment. 

According to Amina, she just went to the fetish priest for spiritual healing and other family issues, but she ended up sleeping with him. 

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Amina described her horror in the Akoma Fm studios, saying the Mallam advised her to bend down in a d*ggy-style position, which started the healing process, only for her to realize the Fetish had entered her Veejay. 

“I told him to stop “penetrating in me” the moment I saw him doing it, but he lied and forced me to have s*x with him,” she stated.

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The true purpose of this content is to raise awareness among our fellow sisters and brothers in this country to be wary of not only Fetish Priests, but also Pastors, Teachers, and others who pose as innocent people in our societies.

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