“Writing a book to wash your dirty linen in public is not boldness, but childish” – Afia Schwarzenegger slams Yvonne Nelson

"writing a book to wash your dirty linen in public is not boldness, but childish" - Afia Schwarzenegger slams Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian socialite and comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger has stirred the hornets nest with his submissions in response to Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson’s recently released book.

In a lengthy post, Afia Schwarzenegger chastised the Yvonne Nelson stating that “writing a book to wash your dirty linen in public is not boldness, but childishness at the highest degree(done that and outgrown it)”

She also stated that the film producer used the wrong words to dishonour her mother after saying in her book that her mother kept her biological father hidden from her for 37 years.

“Who in his or her right thinking mind will write a book to disrespect her mother….”If I don’t know the real father of my children, if any of my children have to do a DNA to ascertain their paternity, then I the promiscuous mother should be ashamed of myself literally an Ashawo is even better. Couldn’t you have done that in private, with your family, or probably a pastor/ counsellor??” — Afia quizzes

In addition, Queen Schwar cautioned Yvonne against over what she has reckoned in the book about her past issues that could harm her future children in the book.

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“And we have grown IDIOTS who will gather at the comment section to defend this shameful act..those applauding you today will remind your daughter who her grandmother is. Beware of the things you do when you have a daughter. I pray for you for strength the day your daughter will question you about your book.”

See her post below:

Afia Schwarzenegger joined forces with Tonto Dikeh earlier today on Instagram after Yvonne Nelson accused the Nigerian actress of having an affair with Iyanya when she was dating the singer.

Afia Schwarzenegger posted her remix version of the book, titled “I am not Afia Schwarzenegger,” which focuses on “the book of revelation and abortion.”

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Tonto responded to Yvonne’s charge by commenting on Schwar’s post “Na this one i go promote” to refute the claim that she had a romantic relationship with the “Your Waist” hitmaker.

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