Latest Posts » “You Are Unprofessional” – Mr Logic tells MzGee on United Showbiz

“You Are Unprofessional” – Mr Logic tells MzGee on United Showbiz

“You Are Unprofessional” - Mr Logic tells MzGee on United Showbiz
Latest Posts » “You Are Unprofessional” – Mr Logic tells MzGee on United Showbiz

Tv personality and host of United Showbiz MzGeez has embroiled in a heated confrontation with talent manager and entertainment critic Mr Logic during the latest episode of the show last Saturday night.

This comes when Mr Logic was sharing his insights about the challenges local artists encounter while trying to establish themselves in the international musical scene, MzGee, the show’s host interrupted him, urging to conclude his thoughts.

MzGee pointed out that Mr. Logic had taken an extended amount of time to articulate his perspective causing the conversation to linger.

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This comment provoked Mr. Logic, sparking a fiery verbal exchange between the two personalities.

Mr Logic unhappy with MzGee’s remark, accused her of lacking professionalism and needing more on-the-job-learning.

In response, MzGee explained that the show was running behind schedule, promoting her intervention to help Mr. Logic present his point more concisely.

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“You see the way he is yawning, that is the same way people are also yawning in their houses, so wrap up and let us end it because nobody is listening anymore. Please hurry up and end” MzGee said

Mr. Logic responded, “Why are you saying that? MzGee what are you saying, no. It is wrong for you to say that. If they are yawning what is my concern? Because I am making my point. No, you can’t say that I should wrap up and let us close, MzGee let me say this, for the first time I need to tell you this……it is your show that you are moderating, you cannot tell me what to… did you tell Kaywa that people are yawning?

“This is unprofessional on her part, it is unprofessional……it is unprofessional for a moderator to tell a panel that they are sleeping, it is unprofessional, I am telling you, please! Learn on the job, learn on this job, you don’t say this…don’t tell me what you are saying, learn on this job.

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