According to Blakk Rasta, the NPP doesn’t deserve to win if the Electoral Commission who is the head of the Election has altered or changed the figures on countless occasions which make the election not Legit and credible.

He said, “What is happening in this country? If your own EC that had never been funded like it has been funded this time can come out not once and not twice to tell you time and again that there were discrepancies and figures have become nothing but chameleon figures changing colours every now and then, and still have the gut to hold on to the results and say it’s credible enough for you to celebrate a certain winner(then) you must be crazy”.

To himthe Altercation of the results shows how competent the EC is and for backing NPP to rig the Elections therefore support the opposition party NDC for their petition over the elections result.

Question: Do you side agree with Blakk Rasta ? Share your candid opinion in the comment section below


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