Entertainment critic and MC popularly known as Tonka D’SpeaKaTiVe has waded into the ongoing debate between Medikaland Teephlow.

He made his stance known in a post on Facebook sighted by HelloVybes

In his submissions he detailed why Medikal is still reigning despite many criticisms aimed at his style of rap.

He went further to tell his critics that, Medikal is only supplying the people what they demand hence his catchy style of rap.

In his own words; 

”#MDK realised Ghanaians are confronted with many problems for him to burden us further with bars/flows/ wordplays that needs the usage of “pythagoras theorem” to unlock, he has realized most Ghanaians wants catchy lines they can easily comprehend and sing/rap along and his style is working for him beautifully, so why change his style? 

“Fortunately for him, his style of rap is earning him gigs, nominations, awards and some good number of streams as compared to those who think are better than him simply because they feel their raps are laced with quadratic equations, chemical reactions and algorithms. Let’s not forget these same “nyaa raps” earned him the best rapper honors and “theirs” earned them video reactions on #KojoSheldons YouTube channel”

“Whoever has been following Sarkodie for years can clearly attest the fact that, he has changed his “battle” rap style he used to exhibit way back on Kasahari level to a more commercial style, even though he switches to the beast mode when necessary.

“These are the ones we call smart
rappers, they know these quadratic equation raps doesn’t sell, it doesn’t guarantee any proper return on investments so they don’t spend so much of their energy/time on that. 

“When you listen to the flow of #PaeDae on most of the commercial songs released by #R2BEES, you might end up questioning his rap credentials but when he switches to the beast mode, you’d definitely appreciate him better. You don’t expect a rapper to unleash raps laced with algorithms when he/she wants huge commercial success. Music is dynamic, those who fail to appreciate that fact are
the ones suffering, nobody is the standard of rap in this country to determine how one should garnish his/raps. Obrafour, Lord Kenya, Okveame Kwame, Joe Frazier etc all

See screens shot below

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SOURCE: www.hellovybes.com

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