Yvonne Nelson Claims NPP Stalwart Peter Ala Adjetey is her real father

Yvonne Nelson Claims NPP Stalwart Peter Ala Adjetey is her real father

Yvonne Nelson has made a shocking revelation in her memoir that she was once convinced that the late stalwart of New Patriotic Party (NPP) Peter Ala Adjetey was her real father.

In the book, titled “I’m Not Yvonne Nelson”, the movie producer stunned readers with a chapter dedicated to her poor experience with her alleged distant father.

Yvonne Nelson has in the past complained bitterly about how his real father was absent in her life.

Who is Peter Ala Adjetey? Yvonne Nelson real father

The venerated Peter Ala Adjetey was the 2nd Speaker of Ghana's 4th Parliament of the Republic. He took the mantle from Justice D.F. Annan. He is celebrated as one of the pace-setters of professionalism and high standards at Ghana's Legislature. Before he became Speaker of Parliament, he served as chairman of the NPP. He died in July 2008.

Yvonne Nelson disclosed in the riveting book launched on Sunday, June 18, 2023, that it took her nearly five years to begin seriously finding out the truth about his father’s identity after her mom, Margaret Gaddy, made the revelation to her.

“The encouragement and advice of former President Kufuor had calmed and lulled me into thinking I could forget about the shocking revelation from my mother and move on with my life. However, the urge to know who my father truly was became an unavoidable perennial visitor to my mind. Whenever it came around, it took hold of my being and made me restless. It filled me with doubts and questions that needed to be put to rest. What often stood out on those occasions was the question about whether my mother could lie to me again. What motivation would she have to tell me about a second man being my father if it wasn’t true?” she sounded emotional”.

Yvonne Nelson said her first step to finding out if it was true that the venerated late former Speaker of Parliament was her real dad was to reach out to Kiki Banson for the number of Gabby Adjetey, the late Peter Ala Adjetey’s firstborn.

“I knew he will have Gabby’s contact because Kiki was (and still is) a big name and well-connected figure in Ghana’s entertainment industry. Gabby Adjetey, who is now in London, once worked with Joy FM so I was certain Kiki would have his number. Kiki expressed his shock when I told him the story and why I needed Gabby’s number. I, however, told him it was classified information, and he promised to keep it as such.

“Two days after getting his number, I set up a video call with Gabby. At that point, I had become conscious of the never-ending drama, so I decided to document my search. I set up a camera and recorded myself making the call in what was to be my first encounter with my real father’s child. I didn’t have to struggle to introduce myself because Gabby knew who I was. What he did not know and would not have imagined was what I was about to tell him, that 1 was his sister as quoted by Yen.com.gh

The popular movie personality said she made it clear from the onset that she didn’t want anything from the respected NPP politician and she only wanted to know who her real father was.

DNA test confirmed Ala Adjetey was not her father after all

According to the producer of Fix Us (2019), Single and Married (2012) and If Tomorrow Never Comes (2016), her quest to put to rest the doubts in her mind pushed her to do a DNA test. The test proved that she was not Peter Ala Adjetey’s daughter.

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She disclosed that after a second test, with another child of Ala Adjetey, results showed that she was indeed not the daughter of Ala Adjetey. The trouble finding her real dad and the disappointing outcome of the DNA test strained relations with her mom, Yvonne said in her book.

Yvone Nelson Apologized To Mr Nelson

Yvonne Nelson then went further and apologized to a man identified as Mr Nelson who she thought was her father was a lie all along, spearheaded by her mom.

Yvonne Nelson and Mr Nelson
Yvonne Nelson and Mr Nelson

“However, I have now come to understand that you had no reason to be part of my life at all. You owed me nothing, not even your surname. I have come to know the truth and realised that you may have had your own battles as far as I was concerned. You were not my father and I was not your daughter,” she adds.

The man she thought was her father, Mr Nelson died in 2017, and Yvonne chose not to attend his funeral, and in the book, she shared that she regrets not having the opportunity to apologize to him before his demise.

“To you, your children and your family, I sincerely apologise. I’m sorry that I said all those things about you. I wish you were alive so I could say this to you in person. I first heard from my mother that you were not my father when I visited you in the concluding part of 2016, during the dying embers of your life. I was still in shock. Before I confirmed the truth, you were gone,” Yvonne said.

“I regret I couldn’t apologise to you in person. Although the first apology should have come from my mother, I wish I could kneel by you and tell you how sorry I am. But that is not the only reason I wish You were around. I would have loved to know whether you knew the with. I would have loved to hear whether you knew I was not your daughter, and more importantly, if you knew of someone else who.

“Now, all that is not necessary. I now know the truth, even if the back story will forever remain hidden. I wish things had not been this way. I ask for your forgiveness, wherever you are. Forgive me that I dragged your name in the mud”.


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