Popular American Rapper, S*lxyy Red S*lxtape Leaked Online (VIDEO)

Popular American Rapper, Sexxy Red S€xtape Leaked Online (VIDEO)

Popular American female rapper, “S*lxyy” Red is currently trending after her “s*lzy” video leaked on social media.

The incident happened when the 25-year-old artist initially shared the video on her verified Instagram story.

However, she swiftly deleted it upon realizing that the content had made its way onto the internet.

There are different theories circulating about the leak. Some believe that ‘S*lzyy’ Red, whose real name is Janae Nierah Wherry, accidentally posted the video, which has now become a trending topic on social media.

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Others speculate that her desire for attention and discussion on social media might have led her to intentionally share it.

In reacting to the S*lzyy Red leaked video, some viewers commented that the intimate aspect of the video didn’t align with S*lzyy Red’s ‘V’ and the message she always ‘claim’

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One fan said on Twitter ‘S*lzyy Red lied to us about her being pink… Check first comment to watch her leak’.

‘S*lzyy Red talking about it’s pink when it’s brown

Meanwhile, “S*lzyy” Red is yet to speak over her leaked s*lx video.

SOURCE: hellovybes.com

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