Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye, also known by his stage name Bobrisky, has reacted after skit maker Sabinus referred to him as senior man. 

Bobrisky, who has refused to be addressed as a man, did not take kindly to the cheery comic who addressed him as such.

The ‘Lagos queen’ posted a video of herself eating with the statement claiming she doesn’t like problems and just wants to keep enjoying the money his lovers provide him. 

The popular comic responded, claiming that the cross dressing was irritated by his facial display, shoe shine, and the remark “Senior man.”

Lashing out at Mr Funny, she said it is his father that is a senior man, adding that she will soon get him arrested.


Cross-dressing is the practice of wearing clothing that is not typically associated with one’s gender. In modern times and throughout history, cross-dressing has been utilized for camouflage, comfort, comedy, and self-expression.

SKIT COMEDY: A group of comic actors or comedians performs a series of short, hilarious scenes or vignettes called “sketches,” which are typically between one and 10 minutes long.


Every civilization has made marriage the norm, and it is everyone’s ambition, whether young or old, to take the next step in life, procreate, and start a beautiful family.

Marriage is sweeter for the better or for the worse, especially when men meet the proper companion. 

A young guy took to social media to tell how re-engaging in marriage has been a difficult journey for him after five failed marriages with five different ladies.

According to him, he believes that marrying his fellow gender is preferable to marrying the wrong spouse, like his parents did when his mother abandoned his father at a difficult time.

He stated :

“I suffered in the hands of women since my childhood, even my mom was not a very good wife to my dad after maltreating him, she left, then i was just 6years old,, leaving us to suffer. My dad advised me never to trust women, “women will make you suffer”. 

Even in my high school days, the first girl i fell in love with betrayed me just because i couldn’t afford to take her to the Cinema & buy her lunch 

I have been married and divorced twice. Those women were not good to me either.

So, I decided to marry my fellow man, my best friend. We are so much in love. Now I’m living my best life. Am happy.”


A viral video of a young man ( thief ) in his early twenties was caught stealing a mobile phone asked for his life to be spared, saying he stole it because he was hungry and didn’t have anything to eat. 

According to the source, the suspected thief was ordered to sweep gutters throughout the community in exchange for his release. 

They did not beat him to death, but instead treated him fairly by serving him foods and drinks to satisfy his hunger. 

He was rewarded with three Banku balls and a soft drink for his efforts in cleaning the community’s gutters.

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Fans set get a new banger tune from Ghanaian young budding artistes Black Sherif and Larruso.

Black Sherif, the hitmaker of Kwaku The Traveller, was spotted in a video with Larruso happily grooving to “Send Dem” song by Larusso.

Information reaching HelloVybes is that, the two gems are ready to feed their fans with the remix to “send Dem” is on their way.


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Ghanaian fast rising artist Black Sherif is set to release another banger song after releasing his smash hit song Kwaku The Traveller,

In the video, Blacko Was Spotted in the studio giving fans a Snippet of an unreleased song

However Shatta Wale is ready to “Knock Out” people with back-to-back hit songs. He previewed this song to fans with caption “knockout”


Jamaican reggae superstar, Anthony Moses Davis, popularly known as Beenie Man has been arrested by Ghana Police at the airport for flouting Covid-19 protocols.

According to sources , Beenie Man tested positive for covid-19 when he arrived at the Kotoka International Airport last week ahead of the Bhim Concert at Grand Arena Accra Conference Centre.

A photo of Stonebwoy, Beenie Man & Samini at Bhim Concert

The “Girls Dem Sugar” singer was told to isolate, but he defied the orders and performed with Stonebwoy and other artists at the Bhim Concert on December 21, 2021

He was arrested by Airport Police when he attempted to board a flight back to Jamaica on Monday.

According to sources, Beenieman is currently in Police custody assisting with investigations.


Unidentified lady in America lost her iPhone a few days ago, claiming that it dropped on the street on her way home. 

The lady claims that the phone was in the back of her pocket and that she has no idea what caused it to be lost on that particular day in Washington, DC. 

After a month, she decided to use “find my iPhone” to trace down where the phone went missing, only to discover it was in Africa. 

According to her, her misplaced phone was discovered at a phone store in Ghana’s Accra’s Tiptoe lane at circle.

Watch the video below

A 46-year-old Zimbabwean lady has been arrested and charged with raping her teenage neighbor’s son in her home. 

She allegedly requested the 15-year-old boy to install lights in her bedroom in the evening and urged him to stay the night for his own safety, which he did, but she took advantage of him that night. 

According to, Charity Muwereka, of Plot 8, Nyamwari Farm, Rusape, was charged with one count of aggravated indecent assault before Rusape magistrate Obedience Matare.

Despite the fact that she was not required to enter a plea, she was encouraged to seek bail at the High Court. 

Justice Masanganise, the prosecutor, informed the court that after adjusting the lights in Muwereka’s room, the kid requested permission to depart, but she persuaded him to stay the night with her children because it was late and dark.

Despite the fact that his house was only a few hundred meters away, the teenager accepted to sleep in the elderly woman’s home because he believed she was concerned about his safety.

Justice Masanganise told the court;

“Muwereka is a neighbour to the complainant. On November 1, the complainant penned their cattle at Plot 9, Nyamwari Farm which is about 100 meters from Muwereka’s place. Muwereka called the teenager and asked him to fix the lighting system in her bedroom. After fixing the lighting system, Muwereka told the teenager that it was no longer safe for him to go home since it was dark.

“She told the teenager to sleep with her eight-year-old son in the dining room. Muwereka slept in the bedroom with her two daughters. Later during the night, the complainant woke up to discover that Muwereka was sexually abusing him. The teenager asked Muwereka what she was doing, but she told him not to tell anyone. Muwereka continued sexually molesting the teenager for about five minutes before going back to her bedroom.

“The teenager went home the following morning and told his mother that he had slept at Muwereka’s home. He did not reveal the matter but started crying.

“His mother took him to a local member of the ZRP’s Neighborhood Watch Committee, Abel Mushayabasa. The teenager narrated to Mushayabasa what had happened during the night at Muwereka’s home. He also told him that he was afraid to tell his mother what had happened, fearing that she would beat him up.”

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Wizkid puts on an incredible performance at his show “Wizkid Live In Abuja on December 18, 2021.”

It was all love as the crowd erupted in applause throughout Nigerian superstar’s performance that night. 

The most hilarious moment captured camera was when a fan dragged Wizkid’s leg to prevent him from performing on stage while he set the entire venue on fire.

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His bodyguards came at the scene to prevent the fan from making contact with Starboi Weezy, however it was later discovered that the fan did so just out of excitement.

Watch the video below

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Peter Famiyeh Bozah, popularly known as Fameye, has spoken about what he consumes after food and drink on social media.

Fameye in an interview with presenter Serwaa Amihere on GhOneTv’s Freestyle Friday show was questioned if he drinks or smokes, to which the highlife singer replied that he does drink and smoke but will depend.

The ‘nothing i get’ crooner also clarified in his response to the same question that it will depend on the sort of smoking, but what he does is mix the herbs with other things, so it varies.

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“I don’t smoke weed but i take in weed”.

“When you mix the herbs with food i will consume it, because weed is like cabbage that we normally see them on foods like “Waakye”.

“When it being mixed with tea, it serves as a medicinal purposes that will make me feel better “ — he said

This comments has surprised netizens because Peter stated clearly in his Praise song that he would minimize the usage of herbs and would only sip wine on a lighter note.

See some reactions to his statement below 

Kojo_ferg  SMH 

 Maamearkosuah Na lie na lie he Dey smoke

amankwah_francix  Kwasia weed and cabbage be the same give massa dey gee 

lewis_ray_jnr Peter Fameye go straight jorrr

tasmania_forever Cse m3bc kakra 😂😂😂

Papa.pious Abrantie when we talk you don’t listen listen now you see your expressions

godalone01 Simple no need to fight yourself with English in interviews

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Ghanaian Actress Rosemond Brown popularly known as Akuapem Poloo was released from prison after paying a GH12,000 court fee. 

According to a receipt that has appeared online, the Ghanaian actress paid the cash to the Judicial Service of Ghana on Thursday, December 16th, 2021. As a substitute for her 90-day prison sentence, she will pay a fee of 1000 penalty units, or GHc12, 000. 

Akuapem Poloo’s payment receipt of the 12k charge

As a result, the mother of one now imprisoned in Nsawam Prison is expected to be released today, December 17, 2021.

The payment was made by the actress’s lawyers, led by Andrew Kudzo Vortia, according to EIB correspondents. 

Akuapem Poloo’s legal counsel appealed the High Court’s decision of her appeal regarding her 90-day sentence for indecent exposure involving her son on social media on Monday, December 6. 

Akuapem Poloo bags new Ambassadorial deal with Itel Ghana after released from Prison

Meanwhile, after being released from police prison today following her GHc12,000 charge, the Polo signed a new deal with itel ghana which also happens to be their brand ambassador. 

She shared a video on Instagram to promote her new partnership, in which she was seen excitedly campaigning for itel and pushing people to buy their products.

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She also thanked Ghanaians who stood behind her with prayers to regain her freedom during the 90 days in prison. She writes:

Thank you all, God richly bless each and everyone of you , your girl is out “

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American musician Kanye West, has predicted that he will be homeless for a year as he vowed to turn all his homes into churches to support orphans. 

The 44-year-old father of four, who has amassed properties all around the world in the course of his successful career, including his well-publicized Wyoming ranch, has disclosed that he intends to convert his homes into churches. 

The ‘DONDA’ rapper spoke on the need for society to progress during a lengthy interview with culture magazine 032c.

Kanye West said; 

 “We are under capitalist rule, and it’s killing us. It’s time to change that.

“I’m going to be homeless in a year. I’m going to turn all the homes I own into churches. We’re making this orphanage, and it will be a place where anyone can go.

“It should be like an artist commune. Food should always be available.”

Last month, Ye visited with LA Mission CEO Reverend Troy Vaughn and delivered 1,000 meals to the group to help end homelessness in the city. 

According to TMZ, the Grammy Award-winner is said to have ‘set out four ways he might help the homeless after touring the city’s Skid Row region, 

Kanye West is apparently intending to feed the homeless by forming a partnership with groups throughout Los Angeles, and will use his own businesses to help give education, shelter, and jobs for those living on the streets.

In 2019, West produced prototypes for an ambitious housing project in Los Angeles aimed at reducing homelessness. The dome structures, however, were demolished after it was discovered that the rapper lacked the necessary permits. 

He later revealed intentions to use the same domes to construct an eco-village and a children’s ranch.


Nigerian musician Burna Boy has expressed his emotional thoughts on social media to settle his feud with Davido in new posts.

The Anybody hitmaker took to his Instagram story to express how people can be going through a lot, and he admitted and apologized to hurting others in the past. 

According to Burna, ordinary people who appear to be fine or are going about their daily routines may be going through the worst kind of torment, ignorant of it until it is too late. 

The Grammy Award-winning artist has made it known to the public that, he promise to be a source of joy to others for the remainder of his days on this planet, and to always mean it when he asks, “How are you doing?”

Some part of his statement reads;

“ I know I have caused people pain in my past but I swear on everything, for my remaining days in this world, I will always mean it from the bottom of my heart when I ask ‘how are you doing?’ and I will always be the cause of joy to others no matter what.”

Post shared by Burna Boy on Instagram

It all started when the Twice As Tall singer called out Cokobar’s Twitter handler after he intimated that he (Burna boy) had already resolved his feud with Davido.

Burnaboy settles his feud with Davido
Post shared by Cokobar on Twitter
Post shared by Burna Boy to reply Cokobar
Post shared by Burna Boy to reply Cokobar

Davido and Burna have been beefing for a long time, producing diss songs and even claiming to have exchanged blows in a Ghanaian club.

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North Koreans have been banned from laughing, drinking or displaying of happiness for 11 days to commemorate the tenth anniversary of former leader Kim Jong Il’s death .

The government authorities have ordered the public not to exhibit any displays of happiness while North Korea observes the 10th anniversary of his death.

North Korea was governed by Kim Jong Il from 1994 until his death in 2011. 

After controlling the country for 17 years in a cruel and repressive dictatorship, he died of a heart attack on December 17, 2011, at the age of 69.

His third and youngest son, current leader Kim Jong Un, took over as his successor. 

North Koreans are being obliged to observe the 11-day mourning period ten years after his death.

“We must not consume alcohol, joke, or indulge in recreational activities during the mourning time,” a North Korean from the northeastern border city of Sinuiju told Radio Free Asia (RFA).

According to the source, North Koreans are not allowed to go grocery shopping on December 17, the anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death.

“Many people who were caught drinking or intoxicated during the mourning time were arrested and treated as ideological criminals in the past,” they continued. They were kidnapped and were never seen again. 

“Even if a family member dies during the mourning period, you are not permitted to cry aloud, and the body must be removed when the grieving period has ended.” If a person’s birthday falls within the mourning phase, they are unable to celebrate it.”

The annual mourning period for Kim Jong Il is generally ten days, but this year, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his death, it will be eleven days.


Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has tried to impose on the Asante tribe for her jacket beef with Kumerican actress Mercy Asiedu and her crew. 

Afia Schwarzenegger started the story by making videos criticizing Aseidu and the Asantes for wearing winter jackets to Dubai. 

Mercy Asiedu’s crew, who were wearing jackets on their way to Dubai, saw the socialite’s troll videos in a subliminal shot.

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Afia Schwarzenegger was taken to the cleaners by the 13-member crew for taunting them. She responded as expected, and she didn’t only go after the 13 crew; she also went after their tribe. 

Mercy Aseidu had to quickly return to respond to Queen Schwar’s insults to her and the entire Asante tribe. 

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Afia Schwarzenegger came back again and slammed Asantes as filthy people who needed to learn their manners.

In a previous video, Afia claimed that she wasn’t targeting Mercy Asiedu’s crew because they were wearing sweaters rather than winter jackets owing to the hot temperature in Dubai.

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She went further by telling them that they should know the difference between sweater and winter jacket and stop thinking the subliminal shots that aren’t meant for them.

“I wanted not to continue with this but let me make clear to you Asante people, there is difference between winter jacket and sweater 

“You people always buy second used items  and you claim it winter jacket so you better keep your mouth shut She remarked


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