Dariush Mehrjui Cause of Death: Bio, Age, Wife, Children, Parents, Net Worth

Dariush Mehrjui Cause of Death: Bio, Age, Wife, Children, Parents, Net Worth
Dariush Mehrjui cause of death

Dariush Mehrjui Cause of Death: Bio, Age, Wife, Children, Parents, Net Worth – Dariush Mehrjui, an Iranian filmmaker and a founding member of the Iranian New Wave movement in the early 1970s alongside directors Masoud Kimiai and Nasser Taqvai, passed away on October 14, 2023.

Mehrjui, born into a middle-class family in Tehran, developed a passion for painting miniatures, music, and playing musical instruments. He spent time at the movies, particularly enjoying undubbed American films, which led him to learn English. His interest in filmmaking began at a young age when he built a 35mm projector and started screening films for his friends.

In 1959, Mehrjui moved to the United States to study at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), majoring in cinema. During his time at UCLA, the renowned Jean Renoir taught him, greatly influencing his approach to working with actors. However, Mehrjui was dissatisfied with the film program’s technical focus and the quality of some teachers, so he switched his major to philosophy and graduated in 1964.

Dariush Mehrjui and Wife Cause of Death
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After returning to Iran in 1965, Mehrjui worked as a journalist, screenwriter, and teacher at Tehran’s Center for Foreign Language Studies. He made his directorial debut in 1966 with “Diamond 33,” a parody of the James Bond series. His second film, “Gaav” (The Cow), brought him national and international acclaim, marking a turning point in Iranian cinema. The film, based on a short story by Gholamhossein Sa’edi, tells the story of a villager’s deep attachment to his cow and was banned for over a year but later smuggled out and received critical acclaim.

Mehrjui’s career continued with films like “Agha-ye Hallou” and “Postchi (The Postman).” His 1973 film “The Cycle” highlighted the illicit blood trade in Iran and was critically acclaimed, although it faced censorship and was banned for three years.

Dariush Mehrjui Films

In the post-revolution era, Mehrjui continued to make films, including “Hamoun” and “Pari.” He also faced challenges due to evolving censorship rules. His final film, “Laminor,” was added to his body of work in 2019.

Dariush Mehrjui Cause of Death

Tragically, on October 14, 2023, Mehrjui and his wife, Vahideh Mohammadifar, were found murdered at their villa in Meshkin Dasht, Karaj. The perpetrators cut the throats of the pair and broke their arms and legs, and inflicted severe injuries on them. Mehrjui’s head was clobbered with a blunt object and his wife was almost beheaded.

Mohammadifar’s arm was also bent from the elbow to the back, and her wounds were deeper, leading the daily to the conclusion that the attackers had a deeper animosity towards his wife, according to Iran International news. However, the details surrounding the murders and the perpetrators remain undisclosed, we will keep you updated.

Dariush Mehrjui Age

Dariush Mehrjui, born on December 8, 1939, in Tehran, was 83 years old when he passed away on October 14, 2023, in Karaj, Iran

Dariush Mehrjui Wife

Before his demise, Dariush Mehrjui was married to Vahideh Mohammadifar.

Dariush Mehrjui Children

He left behind three children: Mona Mehrjui, Sefa, and Maryam.

Dariush Mehrjui Parents

His parents care unknown.

Dariush Mehrjui Siblings

Dariush Mehrjui had one sibling, named Zhila Mehrjui.

Dariush Mehrjui Net Worth

As a renowned director, Dariush Mehrjui had amassed a net worth of $5 million before his passing, according to Idol Net Worth.

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