Latest Posts » Mario Tiziani Children – Meet Alexa Tiziani & McKella Tiziani

Mario Tiziani Children – Meet Alexa Tiziani & McKella Tiziani

Latest Posts » Mario Tiziani Children – Meet Alexa Tiziani & McKella Tiziani

Mario Tiziani Children – Meet Alexa Tiziani & McKella Tiziani – Mario Tiziani is an American professional golfer, born on July 17, 1970, in Madison, Wisconsin. On this page, we will discuss Mario Tiziani’s children, their personal and professional lives, including their age, height, career and other details. Before we get started, let’s learn more about Mario Tiziani.

Who is Mario Tiziani?

Mario Tiziani grew up in a family deeply involved in the sport. Steve Stricker, the former No.1 golfer is his brother-in-law. His golf career begun at the university of Wisconsin-Madison where he shone as a two time All-Big Ten Selection. Transitioning into the professional circuit in 2000, he has since competed on the PGA Tour, Nationwide Tour, and Web.Com Tour.

Mario Tiziani has demonstrated his competitive prowess with two professional tournament victories under his belt namely the 2002 Wisconsin State Open and 2019 Minnesota Senior Open. Additionally he has consistently secured top 10 finishes in various other tournaments.

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He has the ability to win more tournaments and increase his earnings as a brilliant golfer. His has been super helpful his children driving their career to achieve their aims. His wife’s unending encouragement has inspired him to flourish and continue to add laurels to his golf cabinet.

Mario Tiziani Children – Meet Alexa Tiziani & McKella Tiziani

Alexa Tiziani and McKella Tiziani are the daughters of Mario Tiziani and Kressi Tiziani. Alexa ,21, is an influencer born on December 29, 2001, while McKella ,20, is a model and works with the sorority and fraternity company, Arizona State Lambda Chi, USA.

Mario Tiziani Children - Meet Alexa Tiziani & McKella Tiziani
Mario Tiziani Children: Alexa Tiziani & McKella Tiziani

Despite not inheriting their father’s career, Alexa and McKella’s passion for their chosen field is a blessing in their lives, as they strive to be among the most prominent and famous influencers and models in the American entertainment space.

They enjoy posting mind-blowing photographs online while strutting around and earning compliments from their ardent Instagram followers. Mario Tiziani has always expressed his love and support for his children, with the father of two celebrating each of their birthdays and being spotted in one shot on numerous occasions, revealing how supper proud dad he is.

Who Are Mario Tiziani Children?

Alexa Tiziani and McKella Tiziani are Mario Tiziani’s children. Alexa is the oldest daughter, aged 21, and McKella is the youngest, aged 20.

Does Mario Tiziani Have Any Children?

He is the father of two daughters.

How Old is Mario Tiziani?

He is 53 years as of 2023 born on July 17, 1970, in Wisconsin-Maddison.

How Tall is Mario Tiziani?

His height is currently not available on the internet.

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