Mr Ibu Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Leg Amputation, Parents, Siblings And Net Worth

Mr Ibu Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Leg Amputation, Parents, Siblings And Net Worth

Many people are currently looking for and wanting to know Nollywood actor Mr Ibu’s Biography, and we will cover everything S well as his personal details including wife, children, parents, siblings and net worth in this article.

Mr Ibu is a Nigerian film star best known for his comedic performances. Since beginning his career, he has appeared in over 200 films. He is an amputee who underwent several surgical procedures.

Summary of Mr Ibu Biography

Aspect Details
Real Name John Ikechukwu Okafor
Profession Actor / Comedian
Date of Birth 17th October, 1961
Birth Place Enugu State, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christian
Education College of Education in Yol,
Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu
Wife/Spouse Stellar Maris Okafor
Mother Name Unknown
Father Name Unknown (Dead)
Brother/Sister Queen Chioma Egboh
Movies “Mr. Ibu” (2004), “Mr. Ibu 2” (2005), “Mr. Ibu and His Son,” “Coffin Producers”
Net Worth $3 million

Mr Ibu Biography and Early Career

Born in Enugu State on October 17, 1961. Mr. Ibu began his film career at an early age. After completing primary school in 1974, he moved to Sapele and lived with his brother. 

Mr Ibu’s life in Sapele got getting harder as he worked white-collar jobs to further his studies and support his family. 

He subsequently worked as a hairstylist and eventually as a photographer, when his life began to change after being acquainted with the town.

After finishing secondary school, Mr Ibu began his academic career at the College of Education in Yol. Unfortunately, due to financial challenges, he had to withdraw from the institution. However, as his financial condition improved, he enrolled at Enugu’s Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) to further his study.

In his impressive career, he has acted in over 200 Nollywood movies, some of which include “Mr. Ibu” (2004), “Mr. Ibu 2” (2005), “Mr. Ibu and His Son,” “Coffin Producers,” “Husband Suppliers,” “International Players,” “Mr. Ibu in London” (2005), “Police Recruit” (2003), “9 Wives” (2005), “Ibu in Prison” (2006), and “Keziah” (2007).

Mr. Ibu, in addition to his acting career, dabbled in music for a short time. On October 15, 2020, he released the tracks “This Girl” and “Do You Know.”

Mr Ibu Sickness

However, in October 2023, Mr Ibu stated that he was dealing with a significant health problem that could result in the amputation of one of his legs. This health issue arose while he was on set with other Nollywood stars.

Mr Ibu Leg Amputation

On Monday November, 6,  one of Mr Ibu’s leg was amputated after undergoing seven surgeries. The family announcing the sad news took to social media and said; “We want to appreciate everyone that has come through for our dad, saying we are grateful is an understatement and only the good Lord can thank you all enough for every help you’ve rendered”.

They revealed that “As of 1 pm ,noon today , Daddy has gone through 7 successful surgeries but to keep him alive and increase his chances of recovery one of his legs had to be amputated.. This development has been hard on us all but we’ve had to accept it as Daddy’s new reality to keep him alive.

“Please we are still soliciting for support from well meaning Nigerians as this stage Daddy his is still one very delicate one and he needs all the help he can get.

“Thank you everyone, the Okafor family is grateful and we don’t take you for granted. In due time daddy will personally acknowledge everyone who supported during this period as soon as he’s stable!”

Mr Ibu Age 

He is 62 years old born on October 17, 1961 in Enugu State. 

Mr Ibu Height and Weight 

His height is unknown as of now as well as his weight which is not available on the internet.

Mr Ibu Wife 

He is currently married to his beautiful wife Stellar Maris Okafor, the second wife. The couple tied the knot in 2015 in all-white wedding and share two children together. Prior their marriage Mr Ibu’s first marriage was in 1995.

Mr Ibu Children 

Mr Ibu’s children are Emmanuel, Jay Jay, Chelsea, and Jasmine. Other news outlets said that he has 14 children, including biological and adopted children. 

Mr Ibu Parents 

His parents’ personal information is not made public, however Mr Ibu’s father was claimed to have died as a result of murdur.

Mr Ibu Siblings 

He has only one siblings namely Queen Chioma Egboh, a blogger and actress. Mr Ibu has other half brother whose details are not available on the internet. 

Mr Ibu Net Worth

He has a net worth estimated to be around $3 million. He makes his money from acting, partnership and ambassadorial deals.

Mr Ibu Social Media 

He has social media and they are all active. His Instagram has over 700k followers.

Is Mr Ibu Alive?

He is still alive despite currently facing health challenges due to leg amputation after surgery.


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