Sarkodie is a fake guy – Blakk Rasta (VIDEO)

Sarkodie is a fake guy - Blakk Rasta (VIDEO)

Ghanaian reggae artist and radio personality, Abubakar Ahmed, popularly known as Blakk Rasta has criticized Sarkodie as he described him as a fake guy by all standards.

Speaking on his Black Pot Live show on 3FM 92.7, Blakk Rasta stated emphatically that, the Tema based rapper, Sarkodie is a fake guy.

According to him, Sarkodie organised a fundraiser for a sick child who was on the verge of death and required only ten thousand cedis to have surgery a few years back.

He explained that he does not understand why Sarkodie, who claims that money is not a problem for him, cannot help the child in the Intensive Care Unit on his own.

“People pretends to be who they are not and Sarkodie is one of them and no two ways about that…. Now if you have followed Sarkodie and you want to remove that veil from you eyes you will know that this is a fake guy”.

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“There are so many things I can see about Sarkodie but for the fact that I would not have time to go through that I will just mention couple of them”.. Number one, there was a time Sarkodie was seeking some finance to help a girl who was very sick”… I think the amount involve was GHS10,000 or something and this was about 2years ago.

“Sarkodie came on Twitter and was asking people to donate to a call for GHS10000 so that they will use that money to take care of a sick child who is in ICU and it same person who says money no be problem” – Blakk Rasta said during the Black Pot show.

In other news, Shatta Wale makes peace with Blakk Rasta as he referred to him as ‘Dada’ at the 2023 Kuchoko Roots Reggae Festival.

During the event at Alliance Francaise, Accra, Shatta Wale and Blakk Rasta were seen hugging and sharing pleasantries on stage, which delighted the audience because the two had been feuding for so long.

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The African dancehall king shook the entire venue with an enthusiastic performance on stage while wearing a singlet and a cap while rocking his Nike airforce and trousers while big towel at the back of his pocket.

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