Anytime Abiba Visits Black Stars Hotel We Lose In Major Tournaments – Black Stars Chief Drummer (VIDEO)

Anytime Abiba Visits Black Stars Hotel We Lose In Major Tournaments - Black Stars Chief Drummer (VIDEO)

Chief drummer of Ghana National Football team,  Joseph Langabel has made a shocking  revelation that led to the Black Stars’ elimination from the World Cup.

A video obtained online by hellovybes, Langabel claims that the root of Black Stars’ failure in major tournaments is a certain lady named Abiba, who always brings bad luck to the team.

According to him,  Abiba visited the Black Stars hotel to work on the players hairstyles caused the defeat against Uruguay.

Joseph Langabel, who shared much insight into his claim of perceived bad luck related with this supposed Abiba, stated that Ghana has always lost in major tournaments whenever “the lady comes around.”


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The popular national football team supporter claimed, among other things, that he questioned the Black Stars team manager about why the said lady Abiba was allowed to stay at the hotel in Qatar again the day before the match against Uruguay.

“I’ve been with the Black Stars for a long time, so I’m aware of what’s going on with the team. There’s this lady who mostly visits the players at the team hotel to work on their hairstyles.

“Whenever this lady named Abiba visits to the team hotel to work on the players’ hairstyles, she’ll remain there from the evening till the next morning, and I’m surprised.

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“In every major tournaments that we have participated from Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Brazil and others that this lady has visited the players at the team hotel to do their hair we end up losing the next match.

“I saw her climbing the team hotel in Qatar with the Black Stars manager and Salisu a day before our match against Uruguay, so I asked the manager why they allowed this girl in and he replied some of the players wanted to do their hair.”

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