Brother Of Hajia4real Accuses Shatta Wale Over Her Arrest And Extradition To US

Brother Of Hajia4real Accuses Shatta Wale Over Her Arrest And Extradition To US
Hajia4real arrested

Shatta Wale has been accused in connection with the arrest of Hajia4real, who was extradited from the UK to the USA.

Former SM member, Wizla Infinto speaking on Hajia4real’s arrest, said that Shatta Wale is the cause of singer’s detention, claiming that it was the reggae dancehall musician who introduced  Hajia 4real to venture into music.

He revealed that Hajia4real was tracked down by authorities after she used her fraudulent cards for shopping at supermarkets, causing an alarm that led to her arrest while travelling to the Ghana Music Awards UK.

In the course of accusing Shatta Wale, he added that Hajia 4reall has been showering presents on Shatta Wale with her fake money by purchasing expensive items for him, which caused the SM boss to refuse to speak on her 2Million Romance Scam.

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