Latest Posts » Devyn Reiley Huband: Who is Hunter Reiley, Age, Career & More

Devyn Reiley Huband: Who is Hunter Reiley, Age, Career & More

Devyn Reiley Huband Hunter Reiley Who Was Devyn Reiley Married To?
Latest Posts » Devyn Reiley Huband: Who is Hunter Reiley, Age, Career & More

Devyn Reiley Huband: Who is Hunter Reiley, Age, Career & More: Many people are curious in finding Devyn Reiley’s husband after she died in a plane clash. Her sorrowful death caused a huge blow to the pilot industry. In this page we will get to know who was Devyn Reiley was married to? including his age, career and more.

Who is Devyn Reiley?

Devyn Reiley was a remarkable individual with a diverse range of experiences and accomplishments. As the Co-Founder & Pilot at Texas Warbird Museum, she made significant contributions to aviation history and preservation. Beyond her aviation ventures, she was also known for her lineage, being the daughter of former Super Bowl winner Bruce Collie.

Her educational journey began with homeschooling, followed by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Arts from Thomas Edison State University, which she achieved in 2017. Devyn Reiley’s professional journey kicked off in 2007 when she took on the roles of Owner, Manager, and Event Coordinator at Brewster’s Pizza, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit.

Throughout her career, she demonstrated a passion for the arts, serving as an Assistant Drama Teacher at EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens from 2016 to 2022. In 2018, she joined Texas Aviation Academy as General Manager, showcasing her expertise in the aviation industry.

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Tragically, her life was cut short when she piloted a World War II T-6 Texan plane that crashed in Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin. Her untimely death marked a loss for both the aviation community and her family.

As we reflect on Devyn Reiley’s life, we also remember her legacy as a pilot, entrepreneur, and educator. She left an indelible mark on those she encountered and will be remembered for her dedication, achievements, and contributions. Devyn Reiley Wikipedia page isn’t available at the time of her death. 

Devyn Reiley Huband: Meet Hunter Reiley, Age, Career & More

Devyn Reiley and Hunter Reiley had a strong bond throughout their three years of marriage. Hunter, an Aircraft and Warbird pilot at Jet Linx and the CEO of Texas Aviation Academy, was also a 2x National Champion Pistol Shooter who attended Liberty University. He was born on July 14th. The couple’s love story began when they got engaged on June 7th, 2020, in an all-white wedding ceremony attended by friends and family. They exchanged vows on July 27th, 2020.

Though they didn’t have children of their own, Devyn and Hunter cherished their time together, often sharing captivating photos on their social media handles. Their love and joy were evident in these pictures, showcasing the happiness they found in each other’s company.

Tragically, their time together was cut short by an unforeseen event. On Monday 31st July 2023 they were separated by death. Devyn was left to cherish the memories of her beloved husband and their time together.

Devyn Reiley’s life now stands as a testament to the love she shared with Hunter. She holds dear the memories they created and continues to honor his legacy. Their love story serves as an inspiration to others, showing that the strength of their bond was powerful enough to endure even in the face of life’s challenges.


Who Was Devyn Reiley Married To?

She was married to Hunter Reiley who is also an aircraft pilot. Her Husband is the CEO of Texas Aviation Academy and also works at Jet Linx.

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