Latest Posts » Gabriela Cavallin Parents: Meet Mr Cavallin and Mrs Cavallin

Gabriela Cavallin Parents: Meet Mr Cavallin and Mrs Cavallin

Anthony ex-Girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin Parents
Latest Posts » Gabriela Cavallin Parents: Meet Mr Cavallin and Mrs Cavallin

Gabriela Cavallin Parents: Meet Mr Cavallin and Mrs Cavallin Gabriela Cavallin, Anthony’s ex-girlfriend, is a professional DJ, social media influencer, and was born on October 31, 2000 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

This article will cover over Anthony’s ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin parents’ professions and personal details, such as their ages, careers, and more. But first, let’s learn more about Gabriela Cavallin and her domestic violence charge on Anthony.

Who is Gabriela Cavallin?

Gabriela Cavallin is a Brazilian born socialite who used to date former Ajax star and currently Manchester United United footballer, Anthony Mateus dos Santos. Although she is best known as a DJ, Gabriela Cavallin has made a name for herself in the Brazilian entertainment industry thanks to her many talents and her fondness of modelling and socialising.

Since Cavallin was born in the 2000s, her career hasn’t lasted a decade, but the controversy surrounding her breakup with Anthony has catapulted her to the forefront of public discourse. In 2022, the couple’s relationship was first publicly known. Gabriela has filed lawsuits against the footballer in Brazil and the UK.

However, Cavallin and Antony had a captivating relationship journey. They began dating during Antony’s time with Ajax and even shared a home in Amsterdam.

Their romance relationship had its ups and downs, spanning approximately two years from 2021 to 2023.

On July 5, 2023, Gabriela took a significant step by filing a police report in São Paulo, accusing Antony of domestic violence. She alleges that the first incident occurred at a nightclub in the Brazilian city when she was approximately 17 weeks pregnant with his child.

Adding to this, she brought forward new allegations of mistreatment shortly after Mason Greenwood faced consequences at Man Utd due to his arrest for assault and abusive behavior towards his ex, Harriet Robson, although the charges against Greenwood were ultimately dropped.

Finally, on September 4, 2023, Gabriela, an influencer, shared a letter released by her legal representatives.

It read: “Gabriela Cavallin’s defence, in view of the facts and evidence that became public knowledge on this date, regarding the repeated episodes of aggression suffered by her, informs that she trusts the serious and competent investigation by the Civil Police of São Paulo.

“[And] hopes that, as such, once completed, the aggressor will be prosecuted and punished for the crimes he committed.”

A statement from Antony was also published in the same evening, where he said he felt “obliged” to break his silence “out of respect for my fans, friends and family”.

The 23-year-old footballer once again denied the accusations of domestic violence after a first statement published in June.

“Out of respect for my fans, friends and family, I feel obliged to speak out publicly about the false accusations that I have been a victim of,” he wrote.

“From the beginning, I have treated this matter with seriousness and respect, providing the necessary clarifications to the police.

“The investigation is under judicial secrecy, and therefore I cannot make its contents public.

“However, I can calmly say that the accusations are false, and that the current evidence and the ones yet to be produced demonstrate my innocence.”

The Manchester United star described it as a “tumultuous relationship” after the accusations of abuse surfaced.

Gabriela Cavallin Parents: Who Are Gabriela Cavallin Parents?

Anthony’s ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin was born in Sao Paolo to Brazilian parents, however her father and mother’s details are unclear because there isn’t much information online about them.

Following her legal issues with Anthony after accusing the Manchester United footballer of domestic assault, the 22-year-old model made headlines. She filed a lawsuit, after sharing pictures of the violence, claiming that the former Ajax star left her with cut, threatened to throw her out of a moving car, and attacked her when she was pregnant in order to cause damage to her breast implant.

Following his ex-girlfriend’s alleged domestic violence (beating) claim, Anthony was pulled from the Brazil squad and replaced by Arsenal Grabriel Jesus due to an investigation by Manchester Police officials.


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