How Iyanya Cheated On Me with Tonto Dikeh – Yvonne Nelson

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Actress Yvonne Nelson, has opened up about her ex-boyfriend Iyanya’s alleged affair with Nigerian movie star, Tonto Dikeh.

In her book, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,’ the actress shared details about her personal life and failed relationships with the Nigerian singer.

While speaking about her relationship with him, Yvonne Nelson alleged that Iyanya cheated on her with other women, including Tonto Dikeh.

According to her, she got to know after a friend she confined in her told her about it. She made her investigation and discovered that it was true.

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Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya relationship
Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya

According to Yvonne Nelson, she became upset over the situation and ranted about it on Twitter, but Tonto Dikeh replied her feelings had changed and permitted her to move on.

Part of her book read:

“Anytime I left Iyanya’s place, another actress came over to him and sometimes slept over. The person turned out to be Tonto Dikeh of Nigeria. When I was convinced about the authenticity of this information I received, I was heartbroken. I took to Twitter to rant. Tonto Dikeh responded saying people changed and so did feelings so I should move on.”

In response to the disclosure, Iyanya swiftly replied to Yvonne after accusing him of cheating on Tonto Dikeh, claiming in a tweet that he would also tell the public his side of the story without writing a book.

So Yvonne Nelson said I cheated on her with Tonto Dike? Oh wow. I’ll respond to this later. I no go write book, but…. For now make I go watch my new video Director just send me now. Love & Trust Ft Joeboy – he tweeted

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