I’m done dating Ghanaian men – Sista Afia claims

I’m done dating Ghanaian men - Sista Afia claims
Sista Afia

Sista Afia, real name Francisca Gawugah, has claimed that she has ended up being in a relationship with her fellow Ghanaian men and reasons best known to her.

She revealed this in a tweet, stating that she is no longer interested in dating Ghanaian men.

Sista Afia has had relationships with her compatriots but the singer hasn’t posted any romantic photos or videos online.

She has constantly expressed her feelings for Afrobeat singer Kelvynboy and is rumoured to be dating him.

Dancehall star, Shatta Wale is one of the few singers who have been rumoured to have dated Sista Afia, despite her denial in an interview that she had nothing with the “On God” singer but that he helped her develop artistic potential.


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The Jeje hitmaker, who had a body and bortos enlargement surgery called “Fat Freeze cosmetics a few months ago, is now saying that she has lost hope and interest in dating Ghanaian guys.

In the tweet she said : “Done with 🇬🇭 men 🤒” see below

A fan queried the post, asking if she was broken hearted by her fellow citizens, to which she replied that no one can break her heart, but she isn’t want to love them again.

She quoted the tweet made by the fan and said : “Lol I never said I had a heartbreak !! Am just done. No one can break my heart hun

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