I’m the one who made Shatta wale to meet 50 Cent – Taylor claims

I’m the one who made Shatta wale to meet 50 Cent - Taylor claims
Shatta Wale and 50 Cent

Kush Taylor has claimed that he was the one who made it possible for Shatta Wale and 50 Cent to link up in 2017, following his recent reconciliation with the dancehall musician.

This revelation came shortly after Kush Taylor and Shatta Wale smoked the peace pipe, meeting for the first time in six years on Accra street on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

According to a report by hellovybes earlier today, the reason behind their reconciliation remains unknown.

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However, fans were excited to see the two allies back together at the Shatta Movement camp.

Interestingly, hellovybes shared a photo of Shatta Wale and 50 Cent on their Facebook page, which sparked questions from fans about why their collaboration didn’t work out.

In response to this, Kush Taylor, a music investor, questioned the post and claimed to be the person responsible for Shatta Wale’s meeting with the legendary American rapper.

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According to him, Shatta Wale and 50 Cent’s encounter at the “In da Club” crooner’s G-Unit office was not intended for them to collaborate on a song, as many believe.

“I brought this link to the table and I am the only person who can tell you why they met… not cause of music though” –  Kush Taylor commented.

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