King Kaninja Reveals Why He Divorced Kandy Kamel Says She is ‘Lesbobo’ and Can’t Lay Her Matrimonial Bed

Xandy Kamel and Husband King Kaninja

King Kaninja has revealed the reasons behind his divorce from Xandy Kamel citing that the actress’ collapse marriage was due to her failure to carry out her household duties.

According to King Kaninja, Xandy has proven unsuitable to be her life partner because he has neglected crucial chores such as laying of bed and keeping her shared room tidy.

He emphasized that, these qualities were an important part of being her wife and expressed dissatisfaction that, she did not fully engage in there tasks.

King Kaninja added to his list of complaints that accusation that, Xandy had a ‘lesbobo’ relationship with another women.

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He claimed that, he not only had romantic encounters with other women, but that he also incurred significant costs for them, causing financial difficulties in the marriage.

Xandy Kamel and Husband
Xandy Kamel and his ex-husband King Kaninja

This post delves more into King Kaninja’s past reluctance to offer Xandy an interview.

He blamed  her reluctance on a lack of responsibility, meaning that her actions and behavior were contradictory with what he regarded acceptable for someone in her capacity.

Its worth noting that King Kaninja’s point of views sheds light on numerous facets of their relationship and shows the personal difficulties that resulted to their separation.

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This revelation was prompted by Xandy Kamel’s statement regarding financial contributions to the wedding in which she claimed to have purchased both rings and provided part of the funding for the wedding dress.

These unfolding details provide insight into everything from household to financial dynamics as well as addressing yet complexity of their marriage.

The debate around their divorce emphasised the difficulties and divisions that eventually led to their marriage’s breakup in 2021.


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