Why ShowBoy Bathes in Sea Water: Everything You Need To Know About His Jail Incident And Release From Prison After 4 Years

ShowBoy released from prison after 4 years

Ghanaian rapper Sam Kwabena Safo, popularly known as ShowBoy is back in Ghana after serving four years in prison in the United States.

The controversial social media sensation was jailed in the United States for fatally stabbing a friend named Junior US during a fight in 2019.

ShowBoy photos
Photo of ShowBoy

This comes when distressing incident happened inside a Lawrenceville apartment which was captured on an iPad the founder of 2HypeGang received a 6-year prison sentence from a US court following the conclusion of his case.

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Prior to his arrest, the jury was shown social media posts that revealed Showboy’s threats to harm the victim who had reported him to the police before the trial.

The jury found Safo guilty of aggravated assault but acquitted him of aggravated assault, finally sentencing him to 15 years in jail, with six years served in custody.

ShowBoy in prison, USA
ShowBoy expressed Sadness in US Prison

However, in announcing his freedom, ShowBoy took to social media to post a video of him bathing at the see that comes along with the caption;

“Thanks to  Allah/God and our ancestors for everything !!! Shouts to all my dawgs /Families that held me down and never turned their back on me ..shouts  to all that tolerated my depression and sorry to all I offended !!! back for everything !! FINALLY FREE !!! –

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Many fans have also flooded their congratulatory messages to him after video him bathing in the sea after released from cells.

Others are not wary about ShowBoy’s weight gain, but they do question why he went to the beach for his first bath.

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The rationale behind him bathing in sea water is to cleanse any bad spirits which some Ghanaians believe that cells is a place that constitutes bad omen due to unforeseen immoral acts among the inmates and the authorities.


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