Liverpool Legend Advises Kudus To Stay At Ajax Despite Arsenal & Manchester United Interest

Liverpool Legend Advises Kudus To Stay At Ajax Despite Arsenal & Manchester United Interest

Former Liverpool legend John Barnes has advised Kudus Mohammed to stay at Ajax rather than forcing a summer move despite strong interest from elite teams.

The two-time league and FA Cup winner said Kudus staying for another season would be the best decision for the Ghanaian international.

Despite having two years left on his contract, Kudus has been linked with a huge move away from Ajax.

Manchester United, PSG, Juventus and Liverpool are all rumored to be interested in securing the signature the Blackstars midfielder.

“I advice every player to learn their trade, to be disciplined and humble. To stay at their club for a long period of time – so they can do that [learn their trade],” but football is different now anyways, it has changed. And we see that all the time, where a footballer has one good season and is transferred,” Barnes told JoySports at a football clinic in Accra.

Barnes began his career in English football at Watford, where he spent six years before moving to Liverpool.

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Prior to joining Liverpool, former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson missed the chance to sign Barnes. He later admitted he regretted his decision as the Jamaican player contributed to Liverpool’s predominance.

“I use myself as an example; when I played, you have to show a level of consistency over a period of time, before you were transferred. Because of course when you are transferred, there’s going to be a lot of pressure on you, so unless you are able to show you can handle the pressure or do this [perform at a top level] over a period of time, and not five or six matches, I advice every player to learn their trade.”

Kudus’ contract expires in 2025 and is expected to be on the market for around £40m.

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Along with Manchester United, PSG, Juventus and Liverpool, the 22-year-old has also been linked with a move to Arsenal in April 2023.

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