Nigel Gaisie Sues Nana Romeo For Defamation After Accusing Him Of Sleeping With His Girlfriend

Nigel Gaisie Sues Nana Romeo For Defamation After Accusing Him Of Sleeping With His Girlfriend
Nigel Gaisie sues Nana Romeo

Prophet Nigel Gaisie has sued Nana Romeo for defamation after accusing him of sleeping with his girlfriend in a viral interview.

The popular man of God on Wednesday, April 5, 2023 shared a photo of the writ that the court was going to serve on the Accra FM presenter on his social media wall.

According to the writ posted by Nigel Gaisie on his verified Facebook page, the suit has been filed at the High Court of Justice, Amasaman.

The suit also names Stacy Amoateng as a defendant because Nana Romeo made the allegations against Nigel’s person on ‘Restorations’, a show which is hosted by Stacey.

Part of the writ also states that the defendants must appear in court within eight days of service.

The leader of the Prophetic Hill Church sharing the writ captioned the post : “To All Whom It May Concern Media Houses. Abudul Karim(Nana Romeo,Stacy Amoateng).…..N.B.No long talk this time, if you say or write, reproduce any silly or false stuff about me, I will test the law. Enough of the falsehoods against my person and ministry. God Bless All Of Us….The Prophetic and Prophets In Ghana WILL NEVER GO DOWN, THE AGENTS OF DARKNESS WILL BE PUT AT THEIR RIGHT PLACES..PNG”.

See the screenshot below:

Nigel Gaisie Sues Nana Romeo For Defamation After Accusing Him Of Sleeping With His Girlfriend
Nigel Gaisie sue Nana Romeo

Background Details

The Accra FM show host in an interview on
Restoration with Stacy, when asked what memories hurt him the most, said Nigel Gaisie had an affair with his (nana Romeo) girlfriend although the preacher knew they were dating, reports.

According to Nana Romeo, he regarded Nigel
Gaisie as a Godfather only for the prophet to stab him in the back.

He recalled how he became close to Nigel Gaisie, disclosing that it was after his interview with the preacher about the demise of musician Ebony Reigns went viral.

“When Ebony died, I called Nigel because I had seen a video of his prophecy about the incident. He wasn’t popular but the interview shot him to fame so we became friends. I booked musicians to perform at his church,” Nana Romeo recalled in the Twi language. “One holiday, I decided to go out with my girlfriend.

“The lady had been good to me. She bought a car for me, rented an apartment for me and I told him all the good things the lady had done for me. I don’t know if that was what enticed him”.

“The lady and I were about to go to the beach to enjoy the holiday when Nigel called me on the phone that he needed me to check out something for him so I should come over. That was when i introduced the lady to him.

“Later, he started texting the lady, going out on lunch dates. So, his junior pastors were shocked and surprised at his actions and they called me and told me about it.

“One day, I went to his house. They didn’t grant me access; he called the security personnel to tell me he was not around. Later, he called to apologise about the act and claimed he didn’t know what came over him. The thought of this hurts me so much,” Nana Romeo narrated.


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