‘I lied when i said i am a food delivery guy in the US’ – Rapper EL apologizes

Rapper EL apologize lied worked food delivery guy in the USA

Ghanaian rapper, E.L, has taken to social media to express regret for lying to his fans publicly during his tour in Ghana.

You may recall E.L in an interview on 3Music TV, claimed to have worked as a delivery guy in the USA during challenging times.

Rapper EL apologize after lie
EL says he lied after his food delivery guy in the US claim

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He emphasised the value of humility, reflecting on his own life in the United States despite being a successful Ghanaian rapper with singles such as “Auntie Martha” and “Kaalu Obuu Mo,”

This disclosure led to speculation about his recent absence from the industry.

In a surprise turn of events, EL has apologised to his fans in a recent post on X platform, stating that his claim of being a delivery guy was a lie for PR stunts and media attention.

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He also expressed his undying love for his supporters, assuring them that he won’t exhibit such behavior again.

“Done a lot of things but One thing I’m really sorry about is lying to my fans on that interview. Love My Eliens too much and yall didn’t deserve it. No more stunts I promise” – EL tweeted

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