Saudi Arabian clubs ready to pay €40m for Thomas Partey

Saudi Arabian clubs ready to pay €40m for Thomas Partey
Thomas Partey

Saudi Arabian teams are prepared to pay €40 million for Thomas Partey after it was claimed that the midfielder was about to be released from the team.

The proposed payment would reportedly be in installments, making it an attractive option for the North London club.

The Ghanaian international is likely to leave Arsenal but he is yet to make a final decision over his future.

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Saudi Arabia’s interest in signing Partey complicates matters further, as the 30-year-old has also received offers from European clubs.

Despite widespread speculation, Arsenal have yet to renegotiate Partey’s contract, which runs until 2025. 

Party, who joined Arsenal from Atlético Madrid in 2020 for £45m, was a key player in the Gunners’ title-winning campaign last season, appearing in 33 of 38 Premier League games as they made their title challenge in 15 years.

Despite returning to Champions League spot, Arsenal are keen to develop young talent and are open to the departure of the former Atletico Madrid midfielder.

This comes only three years after Partey became the club’s fourth-highest-paid player in team history.

Meanwhile, Ateta has only officially signed one player from Chelsea, Havertz, for £65 million, and is looking to add additional possible replacements to the squad in order to compete for the 2023-2024 campaign season.

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According to Caught Offside, the team is also in pole position to sign Declan Rice after launching a third time bid for the West Ham captain.

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