Sista Afia disappointed with Charterhouse over TGMA nomination snub

Sista Afia disappointed with Charterhouse over TGMA nomination snub

Sista Afia has expressed her disappointment with Charterhouse, the organisers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), now the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA), following the release of the nominees for this year’s award show.

According to her, the TGMA organisers have constantly ‘downplayed his work’ since her debut in Ghana’s music industry in 2015.

Sista Afia made this assertion in a social media post, alleging that despite the organization’s criteria for selecting nominees, she had never received an award.

She emphasised that she had kept silent for many years out of respect for the organization’s decision.


The singer also disclosed that there are individuals who do not apply for nominations during the procedure, yet the organisation still gives them nominations.

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“Have I offended someone at the high table Ghana Music Awards ?? The fact that Asuoden was a big song in 2021 Zero nominations which I still don’t get. I learnt  people don’t even file for nominations but get nominations, the downplay on my efforts ever since i started doing music in Ghana hasn’t been fair to my craft And Yes it hurts because I work soo hard. I’ve been quiet for soo long because i have respect for the scheme and I dont want to step on no one’s toes!” — She posted.

Meanwhile, Sista Afia has received three TGMA nominations, for International Collaboration of the Year for her song ‘Paper’ with Victor AD, and Highlife Song of the Year for her song ‘Party’ featuring Fameye, at the 2021 awards event.

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