The economy is hard so slow down childbirth – Michy advises

The economy is hard, so slow down childbirth - Michy advises

Ghanaian entrepreneur and media personality, Michy Diamond has offered an advice to women to slow down childbirth due to economic hardship. 

She emphasizes the importance of considering one’s financial capabilities and only having as many children as one can adequately provide for.

According to ex-fiancée of Dancehall singer Shatta Wale, Michy, she understands the challenges of the current economic climate. Instead of prioritizing reproduction, she encourages individuals to concentrate on working hard to secure a stable and decent livelihood.

Speaking on Onua FM with presenter Osei Felicia, Michy discussed her personal reasons for slowing down on expanding her family.

“The economy is actually really hard now to have another kid and I feel like rather than giving birth to more children, you should rather work hard and create one or two rich kids in generation instead of giving birth to four, which will bring about a struggle in paying school fees. So, make sure you’re very stable before you have your next mother.”

While she expresses an interest in having more children, her primary focus lies in making sound financial decisions that will effectively support and care for her future offspring.

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“I would love to but I need money. If only God gives me the money, I am looking then I will have more kids. I just want to make sure that I am able to provide more than necessary for the kids”, she added.

In essence, Michy Diamond highlights the importance of mindful family planning, urging women to consider their financial situations and prioritize a secure and prosperous future before we expanding their families.

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