Algerian YouTuber Who Provoked Samuel Eto’o Faces 2 Years In Prison And A $2800 Fine

Algerian YouTuber Who Provoked Samuel Eto’o Faces 2 Years In Prison And A $2800 Fine

An Algerian YouTuber, identified as Sadouni SM, who provoked Samuel Eto’o to face up to two (2) years in prison and a fine of $2800

For verbal aggression against a FIFA ambassador for the World Cup. The Algerian YouTuber who was attacked by Samuel Eto’o after trying to photograph the FECAFOOT Cameroon President has been banned by FIFA from staying outside the stadiums where the world competition is held. 

According to reports, it is unlawful in Qatar to take photos or videos in public areas with the aim to offend or denigrate.



Cameroon FA president and Ex footballer Samuel Eto’o, has been captured in a video  attacking a young man outside World Cup 2022 Stadium in Qatar 

The incident happened after Brazil’s game against South Korea at stadium 974. 

Samuel Eto’o was captured gleefully taking pictures and exchanging pleasantries with fans before losing his cool at a young who tried filming him.

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In the video, Eto’o can be seen angrily exchanging words with the young man while onlookers try to calm him down, but he refused to held back and continues to confront him. 

It’s unclear what the man said to provoke Eto’o’s anger, but the former Barcelona player was out of control as he kicked the unarmed man to the ground.


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