Black Sherif Is Under Attack By Demonic Spirit – Counselor Lutterodt

Black Sherif is Under Attack By Demonic Spirit - Counselor Lutterodt

Popular Ghanaian marriage and relationship counselor George Lutterodt has claimed that Black Sherif is facing an unusual demonic attack in his music career.

Counselor Lutterodt speaking on UnitedShowbiz last night with presenter MzGee stated that Black Sherif should take his spiritual life seriously due to the ongoing turbulence.

He also extended his support to assist the Black Sherif in dealing with this career hurdle, encouraging him to reach out for help if needed.

This seems to be right, as Black Sherif has been involved in a numerous problems, right from his management issues, to his tattoos, Illuminati membership case as well as his recent KIA arrest issue with the cruise ship company.


One can also question as to why all of these factors come into play and begin to emerge when one is in the spotlight, but always fail to manifest when one is not a public.

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Meanwhile, Black Sherif, who was detained at Kotoka International Airport following his performance in the United States, is yet to speak on the matter.

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