Has Black Sherif Joined Illuminati? See Details

Has Black Sherif Joined Illuminati
Has Black Sherif joined Illuminati

A section of Ghanaians have accused Mohammed Ismail Sharrif, popularly known as Black Sherif, of joining Illiumnati.

This comes after the empire signee delivered a stellar performance with Illuminati ‘Baphomet like symbol’ displayed backstage, prompting many Ghanaians to criticize the rapper.

Many have questioned Black Sherif’s short-term success since making his debut in Ghana music industry in 2019.

The term “Illuminati” best describes and educates about the satanic group that advances their evil goals through music and other forms of entertainment.

However, not only Blacko but other Ghanaian artists, including Daddy Lumba, Sarkodie and Shatta Wale, have been previously accused of being members of the Illuminati.

Has Black Sherif Joined Illuminati
Black Sherif performing on stage in the USA at palladium times square

After his U.S. debut show at the Palladium Times Square, numerous rumors circulated online that led to the conclusion that the Black Sheriff was a member of the Illuminati.

Black Sherif projected the “Baphomet symbol while performing on stage during his weekend event in New York at the Palladium Times Square. Watch the video below as you keep scrolling.

The 21-year-old’s use of Baphomet as a backdrop for his New York concert could imply that he was attempting to appeal to the many persons who were there or had joined the society.

In support of their claims, a photo of Baphomet was displayed and widely circulated online, demonstrating that Blacksherif has joined the Illuminati, as used by other musicians in their videos and songs.

Has Black Sherif Joined Illuminati

There have been numerous online rumours that have led to the conclusion that Black Sherif is an Illuminati member following his debut show in the US at the Palladium Times Square.


Tattoos on Black Sherif’s body have also been used by netizens to back up their claims that he has truly ushered himself into the society.

The talented rapper has five tattoos on his body: Mountain Goat, Flames, The Mom, Bat, and Kwaku The Traveller.

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