Shatta Wale Praises Black Sherif Over His Two Cars And Artiste of the Year Win

Shatta Wale Praises Black Sherif Over His Two Cars And Artiste of the Year Win

Shatta Wale has praised Black Sherif for receiving two luxurious cars from A-list management as well as the VGMA Artiste of the Year award.

This comes after the dancehall musician on twitter space expressed his excitement for Black Sherif following his recent well-deserved awards at the prestigious ceremony

During the conversation, Shatta Wale stated that it has been his prayer to see Blacko and his fellow Ghanaians succeed in the Ghana music industry.

He also added that, although he is not in a rush, but even if it is Black Sherif who has paved the way for him and other artists to enjoy huge number of streams on digital platforms , he will tap into it.

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“The artistes right now in Ghana who are thinking of eish ! the way Black Sherif and his stream I have to get those things, No, Yes I’m happy for Black Sherif because that is my prayer that, every Ghanaian acts become successful”.

“So if he has able to pave a way him and if now making money or pave a way for us to see, o there is another way here, is good and Ghana artistes will follow but I won’t be in a rush to be in that kind of market and say no me too I have to get that thing done, because of the way things are going…No ! I will drop a song when Black Sherif has drop a song so that when he gets to 1Million views, I will also get 100 thousand around there – Shatta Wale said.

The multiple award winning artist also responded to Stonebwoy’s recent “dancehall king” comment after the “Therapy” singer clarified his statement that it was used under the influence of reggae-dancehall fraternity.

In reacting to Stonebwoy’s statement, Shatta said if it was him who said that, the media would project it and portray him as a nasty guy, but because it was Stonebwoy, the media turned a blind eye to it.

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Fans reacted to Shatta Wale’s claim that he wants Blacko’s career to soar to the top as they claimed that the singer has no love for the Empire signee but instead despises his success.

@Jason Bug : Wale free spirited person but the media always paint him black

@Obibinii Akwasi : You are lying,you hate him but you cant stop him blacko to the world

@More News : Those two cars together is half a million dollars

@Qgeezil45 : Lies Lies Lies Lies fan fooling We all know you not happy for the kid

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